What Cat Says in 2018

Over the last couple of months I've been doing a lot of thinking about me and my blog. I've began to focus and spend more time on it, and as a result I've come to realise what it is that has rekindled my love to blog again, and what it is that I want to share here. I've always covered a variety of topics but as I've grown older, I've developed some new interests, rekindled some old ones and also grown out of some others. I've started to realise I'm a completely different person to when I started my blog nearly 8 years ago and I kind of need to 're-brand'. 

Blogging has been a passion of mine for so long and over the years I've used my blog in many ways. It's been a diary of my life, a place to share my style, share beauty reviews, write countless wishlists and sometimes the most random lifestyle posts. I've never stuck with a niche but this year I want to hone in on what my blog focuses on and what I am all about. I've pretty much found who I am over some months of reflection, and I want to express it on What Cat Says.

What I'll Be Writing About From Now

My new and to-stay blogging topics are: life, arts & crafts and style. 3 simple topics that I am still and always will be passionate about.

Style - I love my clothes and though I'm not the most stylish of girls, I'd like to think I have some style that is worth sharing! I've developed a new sense of style and it's a bit different to what it used to be but I like it. If I had to describe it in 3 words it'd be simple, textured and bold. With all that said, I'm still feeling a bit lost with my clothes right now but I will be blogging about my style again properly this year. And in the face of honesty, I'm not feeling confident in my body at the moment. I'm unhappy with my weight and shape, but I'm actually working on getting to my happy place and I feel like I might finally it this year. I'm motivated and that's what's important.

Life - This is a broad topic but I feel like life is going to be a roller coaster of amazing things from now on, so it's a topic I'm passionate about. With the idea of moving out this year and planning all that, I hope to write about my plans for my future home (so interior design and stuff), my experiences with moving out and generally being an adult. I also want to write about the things I'm up to whether it's a blogging event, a day out or anything like that. Basically I'm keeping my What Cat Did series going because that's probably my favourite. And of course there's those miscellaneous posts that come to mind every now and then that fit under the topic: 'lifestyle'. But I love those too, so I'll keep them.

Arts & Crafts - My bullet journal and any of my DIY and art things come under this bracket, and this is a new category that I'm going to focus on a lot more on. I adore stationery, I adore art, drawing, making and all that stuff. It's my rekindled love and I want to share it on my blog a lot more. I've become more in touch with the girl who loves art back in her teens and I'm so happy to have that love for all that again. Expect stationery reviews, hauls, bullet journal spreads, DIYs, painting and more.

What I Won't Be Blogging About Anymore

There are a couple of topics that I feel aren't for me anymore. It's not because I don't enjoy them but like I mention before, I'm honing in on my main interests and there's a lot going on here that doesn't need to be. I also think they don't suit me and my blog very well anymore. They don't shout out who I am.

Beauty - You may have noticed that I stopped blogging about beauty quite a while ago. I posted the odd makeup palette review but I'm simply not a beauty blogger. I adore makeup and I'm passionate about it and about being cruelty free but it's not something I enjoy blogging about. I'm also not confident enough to talk about is as my knowledge on beauty is all self-taught. It just simply doesn't fit with what my blog is now.

Wishlists - I haven't totally banished the wishlist but there's a reason I'm cutting it out as a series of posts on my blog. Over the last few years, I've been so focused on doing them every Wednesday that they lost quality and meaning. I was posting them just because, or because I didn't have a post that week, because I felt like I had to and because they were easy and quick to write. And thus I ended up making some pretty sad looking wishlists just because I wanted something published. I feel embarrassed just to say that but it's absolutely the truth and I want to improve my blog, not make it worse. So, now if I write a wishlist, it'll be seasonal or because I really want to share it.

As well as changing what I'll be posting, I think I'm going to go back and remove some old posts too that I feel are irrelevant now and I don't feel need to be around anymore. (Wish me luck with that job though, because in 8 years I've written over 1000 posts.) I've been working on fixing links in posts too so there's been a lot going on to ensure I'm the happiest I've ever been with my blog and it's a healthy updated one too.

A good couple of months of reflection have really put things into perspective for me and I feel proud that I've been able to or decided to make those decisions and changes. It isn't just changes to my blog but my life too and the way I live it. My mindset has changed and I feel like a new woman ready for new things. It doesn't look too different when you write it down, but it feels different. I plan on updating the blog layout soon too so hopefully I can fully re-brand this place. I'm thinking new colour scheme and everything. Imagine... I'm excited. I hope you are too.



  1. Looking forward to reading your new content! I really need to go back and fix my links too - but like you I've been blogging for 8 years so there's going to be a lot! xx

  2. Aww I’m so glad that you’re looking forward to it! Thank you! 😊
    Yeah, fixing the links is a pain but it’ll fix my SEO I hope! I think we both need to find the motivation to do it and set aside some time. Good luck with it! X