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This year a lot of my focus is going to be spent on John and I buying out first home and moving out. It is so exciting and with all this at the fore front of my mind, I find myself day dreaming about what our first home is going to look like and how I can personalise it to suit the both of us. Until we finally buy a place, there isn't much we can get in preparation. But with that said there are a few things that I've started to pick up and keep for our future home. One of those being my favourite things to buy... bedding!

Bedding has always been a favourite when it comes to homeware. I love shopping for it whether it's duvet sets, blankets, throws or pillows. I know I probably have one too many pillows and throws but it all stems from my love of comfort and cosiness. This month, I've been lucky enough to collaborate with JD Williams on this post, sharing some of their gorgeous bedding. The two duvet sets I've picked up will be additions for our future home but they also fit well with my current bedroom theme. I was also sure to get something that both of us would like because one day it'll be our bed and I think it's important to make it our style rather than swaying more to one or the other's style.

Dapper Dogs Duvet Cover * - JD Williams

The first set I have here is this cute and fun Dapper Dog Duvet Cover Set. The duvet is a double and I do have a single bed but it's all for a good and I feel clever reason! See, I always like to have a lot of duvet anyway down to my love for all things comfy and cosy. But my bed is a day bed which can turn into a double! It has another single underneath that I can just pull out and pop up to the same height as my main bed. Ideal for anyone who stays over! I know I could have had two single duvets but I haven't got the space to store another one, and it would also cost me more to get two single duvets (especially because I like things to match). As well as all that, I like the way the double duvet drops on the side of the bed covering the bed underneath and just generally looking neater!

This design is so adorable and with mine and John's love for dogs, this suits us both! I love the variety of dogs and how fun it is. The colours are beautiful and it fits well with my red, black, white and beige theme in my room. The throw is also from JD Williams and has two sides, the fleece side and a knitted side. For this duvet, I liked the fleece side up to match the duvet's colours better. I did think that the throw was more of a whiter cream than a yellower cream so I thought the knitted side would match well but it doesn't 100%. That said, I like how it looks with the fluffy side up anyway! I am going to put this duvet set aside though and keep it for our first home, just because it's so 'us' more than just me.

The next set I got is a pretty, floral, mint green and monochrome duvet cover set. I was worried about whether I'd really like this or not because you can't tell what a duvet set really looks like online because it looks so different on different beds. I liked what I saw online and I loved the colour and how fresh it looked. But I did worry that it wouldn't be the same for me when it arrived. And it did happen, I didn't like it straight away but that all changed when I put it on my bed and realised how lovely it looked on. It's like the way things look on the hanger and on person isn't it! Problem is, is that the photos don't do it justice! It's a little bit of a brighter pastel green than the pictures and honestly, would probably look better on a proper double bed, so I can't wait to see what it looks like then.

Neve Duvet Green Cover * - JD Williams

I've been sleeping in this set for the last couple of nights and I've really enjoyed it. How the bedding feels when your in it is important to me and with this one, I love how soft the fabric is. I'm not really good at describing it but I feel like it's got a soft satiny feel to it that makes it really comfortable to sleep in. Love it!

I could imagine having that set in our future bedroom. I like to try new things too and this is very different to what I'd normally get (mainly because it doesn't sit with my bedroom theme much - just the green in the curtains). I did worry it was a 'dated' design after I got it, but again, when I put it on my bed I really grew to love it. On the opposite side it has the same colours as the floral side but in a sketchy striped design. It's pretty and doesn't take away from the floral side which I like. I like that this is one is quite a light and fresh colour. It really brightens up the room compared to what I normally have so it's perfect for spring! It also sits nicely with the knitted side of my throw, which by the way is the comfiest thing to roll up in when you need to wrap up warm!

Both of the sets and the throw are absolutely gorgeous and if you're looking for some new bedding I'd recommend going to JD Williams and not just because I'm collaborating with them! I honestly struggled to pick just a couple of things from their collection because there are so many gorgeous ones. I really really love some of the mustard yellow and grey sets and nearly went for them because it's a colour scheme I'm really passionate about and would love to have somewhere in our future home. They're bedding is quite affordable too which is really important to me as someone who is saving for big things in life!

Let me know what your thoughts are on my new duvet sets. Please don't judge me for not ironing them first.... It was a fail on my part that I realised once I'd taken all the photos! Oops! Forgive me!?


  1. I love new bedding and I'm sure we'll need to invest in some new bedding soon so I'll check out JD Williams <3

    G is for Gingers xx

    1. It's the best isn't it!? If you do, do check them out. They have something for everyone! :) xx