December '17

My December has been quite momentous. There have been birthday celebrations, Christmas celebrations,  snow, dogs and Jenga. It's been a busy month, but when is December ever really quiet for anyone? 

Literally the very first thing I did in December was put up both of my trees! I put up the one at home and one at John's too. I love putting up the tree on the first day of the month and it's become a new tradition for both my family and for John and I. I've not looked at the pictures of the trees side by side but I've noticed how different but similar they are. They're both beautiful and I'm hoping this year I'll be putting the tree on the left in a new place.

The beginning of the month also bought snow to London. I didn't think that that morning I'd be waking up to so much snow! I opened up the curtains to a winter wonderland and wondered how we were going to go walk the dog in that. But we did! Once I got back home, I ended up making a snowman with my siblings and then went sledding at the park with my family. It was a fun day but I ended up with a little bit of a cold from being outside for so long. 

Lots of festivities happened in between the snow day and my birthday but my birthday was the next highlight of the month for me. I celebrated it with a lie in and some quiet time at home with my family, and in the evening I went out with John, my brother and some friends to Winter Wonderland. I hadn't been for years so I was extremely excited! I drank prosecco, went on 'The Hangover' ride (the one that drops from the sky) and ate a turkey bap I'd been craving all month. Oh, I also won a teddy and a Charmander. It was truly one of the best birthdays I've had as an adult!

With just a few days left until Christmas, I had lots of friends over for a game's night where we all drank a bit too much and played games like Speak Out and Articulate. Both of which were hilarious and so much fun. I'd had a bit of a stressful day beforehand so I was not in the mood but I soon got into it after a couple of drinks! 

Christmas Eve bought cuddles when I started dog-sitting this sweetheart for a friend. She's such a darling and I've had the best Christmas break looking after her.

Surprisingly I barely photographed Christmas Day but it was only because I was having such a good time doing presents, eating Christmas dinner and spending time with my loved ones. It was a pretty amazing day and like my birthday, one of my favourite Christmas's as an adult.

For the first time Boxing Day dinner was hosted at my house. It was weird having so many people there for dinner, but also really nice to be in the comfort of my own home for it too. After dinner we played games like Jenga and Cards Against Humanity with my brother's new expansion pack. It was a lot of fun. Never have I played such an intense game of Jenga!

The time between Christmas and now has been pretty busy but in the weirdest way. Like many, I felt so in limbo and found it hard to get any grip on the day and finding any routine. I've been spending time walking the dogs, shopping, seeing people and relaxing too. I also spent time enjoying my Christmas gifts and doing things I wouldn't normally have time to do like take the longest bath (instead of a shower) and binge watch all the TV. 

Just yesterday I celebrated New Year's Eve in the best way. At home, with John and this little one. We ate Chinese food and watched The Hitman's Bodyguard and it was perfect! You got front row to London's fireworks and you can go to bed whenever you're ready. It's just how I like it.

So, that was my December. It's taken me ages to write this post because none of this seems to make any sense and seems so long ago too. It's been a weird few limbo-days but I'm going to be glad to get back into routine and enjoy blogging like normal again. And more frequently I hope!



  1. I loved your december :) and i loved being part of it!
    These posts are my favorite to read as they give an insight to your life! :D
    Love you


    1. Thank you!!!! I'm so glad you were part of it.
      I'll keep doing these - it's one of my most consistent posts!

  2. soo jealous that you saw snow! im in surrey and we didn't get any, seeing it all on the news was making me so jell haha. crossing my fingers for some january snow though! i also didnt visit winter wonderland this year like i usually do, its so lovely there right!?

    wishing you all the best for 2018, lovely!

    katie. xx

    1. Didn't you get any snow? Ah, that sucks! Maybe this January!
      It is so lovely! I love it, it's a great place to go and even if you don't do much its a great atmosphere too! :) xx