An #ImmersiveNightIn with Curry's PC World x Sony

I love going to the cinema. I love going to see the latest superhero movies, romances and comedies and I love the experience as a whole. Getting the popcorn, the biggest drink you've ever seen and maybe a bag of pick n mix you estimated the weight of wrong (according to how much you wanted to pay) meaning you probably just paid a tenner for sweets you'll be eating for a week. I love sitting in the premiere seats or going to a cinema with sofas for extra comfort too. But I also love recreating that cinema experience at home when the cinema is just a little too expensive. Last week I think I found the perfect TV to create that at home cinema experience at one of the most entertaining events I've been to with Curry's PC World x Sony for their #ImmersiveNightIn. Let me tell you a little more about it...

I was lucky enough to be invited into London to view the new Sony OLED 4K TV and see how revolutionary it is compared to our current state of the art at home cinema. We found out all about the Sony OLED's key features including the colour technology and how deep the colours are and how the TV's smart technology analyses and finds dimensions to make the picture more vivid and captivating. Not only that but attention was drawn to the hidden speakers. Or more so the fact that the screen is the speaker! This was impressive technology for me that I feel was demonstrated well. I genuinely thought we were at the cinema for a second whilst we were shown a trailer for Passengers. The sound was amazing, the picture was crisp and clear and the colour was beautiful and vivid. A TV definitely worth investing in. There's of course a lot more I could say about this but it's worth reading up about if you're in the market for a high quality, recently released TV.
Now onto the events of the evening...

On the evening, we'd not just experienced the TV first hand, but we were immersed in a game related to cinema which would use all our senses. We were all given a card with a set of numbered clues. Each clue on the card corresponded to a clue around the room (These were where we used our senses). The aim was to use these two clues to guess the film on the card and write it down. We either had to use our sight, touch, smell, taste or our hearing depending on which clue we were looking for. Swanny, Ana and I decided to team up and worked together to find all the clues. It took a little discussing and digging into our knowledge of film, but I think we did a pretty good job of guessing them all if I do say so myself!
As well as the films on the card, we each had our own individual card with a film character on it. We had to guess which character we had and keep it in mind. Little did we know, we would need this later on for another activity.

The first set of clues used sound and so we listened to 3 tracks which corresponded to the first 3 clues/films. We were to listen to these first before carrying on with the rest because we wouldn't have another chance to guess them. Whilst we were listening the most talented women performed a impressive and flexible performance routine for us! They were so elegant and strong and I was astounded at their talent. I wish I could be that flexible! Once we'd guessed the films that corresponded with the music, we carried on floating around the room with Cosmopolitans to hand (one of the clues) to find the other clues and guess all the films. 

It was really quite lovely talking about films with the others at the event and discussing clues and really being very involved in the evening as a whole. I loved how interactive it all was and also the canapes (which were another clue). They were extremely yummy. I swear they kept coming and I must have eaten about ten of those little salmon things... Anyway, after a little while we noticed a couple of people appear from the back of the room and were a little confused when they came to chat to us. We had no idea what was going on and little to our knowledge, we'd be participating in a murder mystery! They were the characters we would be interacting with for the evening. I was very excited about this. First of all I'd never experienced a murder mystery party before and second of all, I love a bit of drama and a puzzle so this was most definitely going to be fun.

For the rest of the evening, I was supposed to be the character on my card. I was to be Dory from Finding Nemo. I did although, half way forget about it (typical Dory) as I got so involved with trying to solve the murder and chatting away to the characters and other bloggers. Throughout the rest of the evening, four amazing performers would be acting out scenes and in between we would be talking to them and interrogating them to find out the truth and any clues as to who the killer might be. They played their characters so brilliantly too, staying in character all evening long. And the story line was brilliant! It involved the entire audience and I was so immersed in the drama I genuinely forgot they were acting for a little while. It was honestly the most entertaining evening I'd had in a very long time. I could go on and on about the story line and all that happened but if not we'd be here a very long time.

It was definitely one of those shock moments when we finally found out 'whodunnit' and how. I would never have guessed! It was pretty brilliant and I think we all had a good guess at who it was meant to be. Many of us being totally wrong. Oops!

At the end of the evening, when all was revealed and the event was coming to an close, we wrapped up by the cast awarding Emma - sorry Derek/Deidre - a box of chocolates for becoming a character in the murder mystery and for having the best performance from the audience all night. We also thanked everyone for a wonderful evening and applauded the cast who were from Smoke & Mirrors for their brilliant performance that evening. Last but not least, we had a group photo - with little mini Oscar awards and all!

Credit to Curry's PC World x Sony's brilliant photographer for all the photography in this post!

A fantastic evening to celebrate the release of a fantastic new television indeed. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I think it's safe to say everyone else did too! Curry's have a brilliant post on their blog page sharing ways you could have your own #ImmersiveNightIn at home too which is worth a read if you're looking to switch up your movie nights.
I'd like to thanks Curry's PC World and Sony for inviting me to attend the event and let me bring my blogger bestie Ana along with me. An #ImmersiveNightIn in to remember for sure!


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