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With the Easter holidays, this month has been jam packed and I am not complaining for a second because I've had such a fun month! It's been lovely to have somewhat of a social life this month as well as having a break from work and studies. I've rekindled a love for crafts this month too and I've officially started my workout regime and I'm happy to say I haven't given up on it yet. So, what have I really been up to?

Right at the beginning of April we had the most amazing weekend where the sun was out all weekend like it was summer already. Luckily for John and I we had a free Friday to do whatever we wanted to do and headed to Brighton for the day. Our aim was to finally experience the Choccy Woccy Doo Dah Café which we did and omg it was amazing! Not only does the place look beautiful, the cakes displayed were phenomenal and the café did not disappoint. We picked two slices of cake to share between us. They do a pretty awesome 5 layer chocolate cake and another 6 layer everything cake where you pretty much get every flavour of cake and chocolate you could think of. It was covered in so many sauces and that hard chocolate coating was probably my second favourite part to the chocolate cake. Of course we had the classic cup of tea to wash it down with.

Also during this weekend I decided to refresh my little cacti garden and bought this super cute metal tray/pot thing from Tiger for just £3. It looks really cute and where my cacti have grown  so much I'm sure they appreciate the upgrade in space though I do want to add a couple more new cacti in there soon.
In the half term I also met up with one of my absolute besties Ana. She came down and we just chilled at my house before decided to take a trip to Hobbycraft with my mum and start patching up our denim jackets together. We're being pretty cute about this and even made a huge list of all the patches we'd love to get. It was so nice to see her and actually we just had another girly day yesterday with her lovely sister too where we had Wagamama's and attempted to go Top Golf until we heard there was a potential 3 hour queue! WHAT? I know.

Aside from having a fun and jam packed two weeks off, I finally started off my road to a healthier lifestyle and began working out at least 3 times weekly and eating much healthier. I've not ditched the cheeky sweets completely but I'm hoping I can make my way to minimal  sugar intake eventually. For now, good main meal choices and drinking lots of water is my aim!
I also began getting involved in crafts a little more. I've been cross stitching, helping my mum with centre pieces for a Christening that was this weekend and getting artsy in my new and future bullet journal which I'm hoping to share with you at some point this month.
I've had a pretty great month but I have some greater things happening very soon. May isn't looking too exciting but I do have lots happening after that like Graduation in June and hitting deadlines. It doesn't seem like much to some but it's a huge deal for me. 5 weeks until I'm finished with my course and counting....
This May I am most looking forward to: crafting a little more, losing another inch off my tum, getting extremely organised and learning to take some time to myself to read a book or catch an extra hour of sleep.
How has April been for you? And what are you looking forward to most this May?
(Btw, I'm trying to do Everyday May.... No promises though!)

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  1. Sounds like you've had an awesome month Cat! Your making me want to get crafty and buy a rose gold spray can and start spraying things Hehee xD I've been dying to go to Choccy Woccy do dah! When your back at work and have some time off, we should meet up again and go round London for the day to places we haven't been too before!

    Isobel x

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