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What Cat Says - Full Spectrum Makeup Look

I still love my brightly coloured makeup looks and though I don't do them as often as before, when I do them, I like to try a new look each time. My favourite palette at the moment is Urban Decay's Full Spectrum Palette which I got for my birthday in December. I've created a number of looks inspired by makeup artists on Pinterest and this one of my favourite that I've recreated multiple times. I thought I'd share it with you today and let you know what colours I used to create this look, as well as what else is on my face. I hope you like it!

What Cat Says - Full Spectrum Makeup Look
What Cat Says - Full Spectrum Makeup Look
The Full Spectrum Palette is just absolutely beautiful! It's a rainbow of colours that I still haven't got over and I have my favourites already. If you look at what my palette looks like now there are definite dips in those favourites where I've used them so much! I absolute love Jones which is the lightest orange shade, Gossip (middle pink), Mean (lightest green) and Minx (darkest blue).

For this look I used a mix of Gossip and Sketch on my crease line and under my eyes. I used Gossip first blending it out as much as I could and then layered Sketch on top blending it in but only just enough so you could still see the pink around the edges.
On my lid I used Blindsided (middle blue) on the outer corner to the middle and then Hatter (middle green) from the inner corner and blending it with Blindsided in the middle for a gradient effect. Just to make the green pop a little more as it was looking more blue than green I added my favourite green Mean to the inner corners which really finished off the look.

What Cat Says - Full Spectrum Makeup Look
What Cat Says - Full Spectrum Makeup Look

As for eyeliner and mascara, I used the L'Oréal gel eyeliner in Black/Gold for a subtle cat eye flick and then my favourite BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara. This mascara gives a great even coating of black without the clumping and makes my lashes more voluminous. As much as I love it, I am getting a bit bored of it though so I'm currently looking for a lengthening cruelty-free mascara right now, so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments below!

As for my base, I used the BareMinerals Original Powder Foundation which I'm loving right now for an instant matte look. As well as looking for a new mascara, I'm looking for a good dewy foundation for the summer that's cruelty free so please recommend me your favourites of those too! And to finish my base, I concealed using my favourite full coverage Nyx's Concealer Jar to get rid of any blemishes and dark circles. On my cheeks I used a very light pink blush by No7 and highlighted with the colour Hemisphere (lilac) from the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette.

What Cat Says - Full Spectrum Makeup Look
What Cat Says - Full Spectrum Makeup Look

On my lips I've got a lipstick I almost forgot about in my collection that I absolutely love for a bright lip. This is one of the Topshop Lipsticks in Straight Ace and what I love about this lipstick is not just the opaque and vivid colour but it is super creamy and long lasting. I've always loved Topshop lipsticks and after further research (reading other blogger's posts - thanks Teri-May for clearing it up for me) I found that Topshop is cruelty free which makes me really happy! I'm actually going to do an update post on how I'm getting on with being cruelty free soon too as I'd love to talk more about cruelty free brands and my honest experiences with being cruelty free on my blog.
Anyway, there you have it! My finished look and how I got it. You can find the photo I used for reference here in case you wanted to see my inspiration. I love this look and do it quite often actually. It's my go-to bright happy makeup look! What's your favourite makeup look at the moment? Share your selfies with me on Twitter!


  1. Love this look hun! I'm never bold enough to wear such vibrant colours. Think the last and only time was to a rave when I was 18 haha! While this palette isn't for me, it is beautiful and can see why you've put it to such good use.
    Love Hannah x ||

    1. I'm not a very confident person but I am artsy so my makeup is always where I've been most colourful! Maybe you should try coloured eyeliners for a start to add some colour! They're great with thick black lashes! :D x