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What Cat Says - Style | Anchor Yourself To Something Special

I love little things with beautiful quotes. Which is why I'm sharing my newest favourite anchor bracelet* from Sailbrace UK with you today. The lovely people at Sailbrace make these cute little anchor bracelet with a beautiful quote to go along side it and I'm a huge fan already; of both the bracelet and the quote! Let me tell you a little bit more about this up and coming British brand...

What Cat Says - Style | Anchor Yourself To Something Special

So, Sailbrace's bracelets are tie-up anchor bracelets and come in a variety of colours which I love. It gives you choice for the fussy and help you pick out the perfect one for a gift. You can get bracelets in traditional nautical colours, neon and our beloved monochromes. You can also get the anchor in silver, gold and rose gold too.
When Sailbrace asked me to work with them and let me pick my own bracelet, I of course went for my current favourite colour, navy and a I definitely wanted silver anchor to match all my other jewellery. These beautiful bracelets retail at £15- £19 and for the quality, it's worth it. Each anchor is handmade, printed with the Sailbrace logo and are 100% nickel free. Not bad huh!?

What Cat Says - Style | Anchor Yourself To Something Special

So what about Sailbrace's quote? Anchor yourself to something special. Well, it's pretty self explanatory really isn't it? The anchor is there as a reminder to literally anchor yourself to the important things in your life. When I read this, it really spoke to me because it's what I am currently doing and consistently reminding myself to do.

I have been making sure I am anchoring myself to my loved ones who keep me happy and smiling, and letting those who don't matter sail away. I've also been anchoring myself to the other important things in my life and giving myself a constant reminder of why I do them. Those things are my current studies - which will change my life and give me my dream career, and my blogging which keeps me happy, excited and doing something I truly love for fun! And in all honesty, with that quote in mind, wearing this bracelet is a constant reminder of those things. It's lovely to look at it and actually think that each and every time I do.

What Cat Says - Style | Anchor Yourself To Something SpecialWhat Cat Says - Style | Anchor Yourself To Something Special

So as for the bracelet: I picked the Ocean Blue bracelet and I absolutely love it. I've been wearing in consistently since it arrived and though I don't really like that it fastens with a string knot, it works best to keep this bracelet authentic and unique. The string is also a great quality so it doesn't loosen up in the knot and holds well. The whole thing is really versatile and beautiful so it's perfect in a variety of outfits and styles. I often like pairing it with other silver bracelets, especially other anchor bracelets I have. It's a good nautical look!

So if you're looking for a gorgeous bracelet for yourself, or for someone special to you this Christmas, this would be a beautiful gift. It comes in the most beautiful packaging, with the quote printed on the front and in a variety of colours to suit anyone and everyone. For the men in your life and the women in your life.

I'm kind of eyeing up the rose gold and grey bracelet now. It's gorgeously contrasted!

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  1. This is honestly such a beautiful piece! I love the whole idea and it looks great! I would love one of these! Lovely review and photos hun!

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