Happy Things #11

What Cat Says - Happy Things #11

There's an awful lot to be happy about this month despite the stress and busyness I've had recently. These posts are always a wonderful reminder of the things that have made me smile, even if it was a little one, or just for a second. It's always easy to remember the big things that made you smile, but that why I like writing these posts. It's the little things in life remember? I hope I can make you smile with some of my happy things today.
  • The cutest Frenchie stared at me and wagged his tail this evening. It's sounds silly, but I melt when I see dogs. They're just so cute!
  • There's ink in the printer again. I'm always printing stuff out for my work and studies so this definitely put a smile on my face today.
  • Jumpers are back. They're warm and comfy and I hate being cold. I love my jumpers and I can't get out of them. Especially the sweaters!
  • Christmas lights were turned on today. Yesssss, this marks the beginning of feeling Christmassy for me!
  • My bed is, and will always be my happy place. I cannot tell you how much I've been loving my bed recently. I know I've put this in probably the last 3 Happy Things posts, but I'm not joking. Best. Bed. Ever.
  • My GabriellaxPrimark Mug. My new fave mug and all thanks to my little brother who surprised me with it the other day. You total sweetheart!
  • Pokémon Go. Okay, the new updates got me totally hooked and I caught an Onix and Omanyte last night. I've got 97 in my Pokedex now. What about you?
  • It's the #BloggersXmas this weekend.  This means I get to see my girls Ana and Tanya. Honestly. Cannot wait to see those two babes and get the #twoportugueseandaginger selfies! Totes loving our hashtag we gave ourselves, LOL.
  • I had an awesome and well deserved week away with the boyf. Having that time was really important to me and remembering it has been really lovely. Definitely puts a smile on my face when I think about it. We really needed it and it was the best time ♥
What's been making you happy this October/November?



  1. Something that made me happy in October was spending some quality time with two of my best friends on a day out to Harry Potter World as I hardly get to see them because of how busy I am lately. Also about finally meeting a load of other bloggers at a meet up in October :)

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