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What Cat Says - Beauty | Friction Free Shaving - Cationic Shaving Cream
Today I am reviewing the Cationic Shaving Cream * by Friction Free Shaving. If you haven't seen yet, I recently reviewed the Friction Free Shaving monthly subscription box featuring the Frankie razor, but today I have their newly launched shaving cream along with the Samantha razor... Carry on reading to see how I've been getting on with this the last few weeks...
What Cat Says - Beauty | Friction Free Shaving - Cationic Shaving Cream

So in the box I received the Samantha razor which comes in the cute rose gold and four 5 blade heads to take you through the month, making this their top-of-the-range razor. It's also equipped with a Vitamin E bar to moisturise your skin and rubber bars to improve the hair's lift when shaving. On top of that, in this particular box, I received their latest add-on: the Cationic Shaving Cream.

What Cat Says - Beauty | Friction Free Shaving - Cationic Shaving Cream
What Cat Says - Beauty | Friction Free Shaving - Cationic Shaving Cream

I'll be honest and tell you it like it is. I'm awful to buy shaving cream. When I spoke to the Friction Free Shaving team earlier this year at the Bloggers Festival, they told us that they were creating this shaving cream and that actually, there are a lot of women who don't use shaving cream.
Having used this for a few weeks now I've got some things to say, but first let me mention the formula, how it feels and what it does before I give you the results.

With ingredients like Manuka Honey, shea butter and coconut oil, you can tell it's going to be a deeply moisturising product. The 'Cationic' formula is there to reduce friction and make your hair stand on end for a closer and more effective shave.
I didn't know what to expect really. I expected a cream that would foam, but when I first squeezed some product out, I felt that it was soft to the touch and a really soothing cream that became quite translucent on application. And for those of you who might be wondering, the product is cruelty free and stamped with the Leaping Bunny symbol.
What Cat Says - Beauty | Friction Free Shaving - Cationic Shaving Cream

So how did it work? Well... I went all out for this and decided to let my leg hair grow a little long which didn't take long at all. I'm blessed with thick and dark leg hair that needs to be rid of every other day so I didn't have long before I could really test this out.

After growing my leg hair, it was time to give it a good first try and the application went on really well. With just a grape sized amount of product, I could cover both legs. I did get a very close shave and with no problems at all, but I couldn't exactly give all the credit to the shaving cream as having a new razor could have helped the situation too.

As well as that, when I dried my legs after shaving I definitely noticed that my legs felt really soft and moisturised. It feels really lovely to have super soft and smooth skin again, especially since I am the sort of girl to skip the shaving cream step. After trying this one out - I don't think I'm going to go back to being a no-shaving-cream girl again!

What Cat Says - Beauty | Friction Free Shaving - Cationic Shaving Cream

At £6 the shaving cream is almost as expensive as the Samantha razor which is the top-of-the-range razor at £8 per month. So your total if buying both the razor and the shaving cream would be £14 per month, but that of course depends on how long it lasts you! It does come as an add-on so I would assume you could remove it or add it on as needed and when. You could also add the shaving cream to the other two cheaper blades making Frankie £11 per month and Faye £9 per month.

For me, being a product that I've seen work its magic well and truly and being cruelty free, I would definitely pay £6 per month for the smooth legs I need in my life! I would definitely recommend this, simply because it works for me (miss thick dark hair here) and I've had such a good experience with the brand themselves. It's the whole package too really! The razors are great, the shaving cream is and the brand as a whole. It's also still cheaper than regular razors and it'll mean friction free and super soft legs whenever you want. What more can you ask for!?

So, are you going to try and sign up to Friction Free Shaving's subscription boxes?


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