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What Cat Says - Tech | PNY Rose Gold Power Bank and 1.2m Cable Charger

Portable chargers can be a person's favourite thing at times. It's my favourite when I'm out for the day or I'm at an event tweeting and snapping away at everything going on. It's my favourite when I'm taking lots of photos and it's also my favourite when I'm playing a bit of Pokémon Go. Because it means I can use my phone a little more or twice more than normal when I really need it and without worry.
Today I'm showing you my newest phone charging combo that I was kindly gifted by PNY which is long overdue. Let me tell you a little more about them and cable and why they are awesome.

So I met PNY at the Bloggers Festival in August this year. They specialise in computer and phone technology offering products to help upgrade and improve your computer and accessories to make using your phone on the go easier and at the Bloggers Festival, they were generously gifting us with these awesome Rose Gold Credit Card Power Banks. These power banks can give a standard iPhone one full charge and are beautifully slim and compact. They're perfect for travelling, a day out or any busy lifestyle. Perfect for any blogger, adventurer or busy career person!

The Rose Gold 1.2m Cable Charger I actually won through the competition they were holding on the day by posting a fun photo featuring some PNY products. I was so excited and pleasantly surprised to have won it too because it was something I'd spotted and was really interested in when I visited the table to have a chat. Anyway - let's talk a little more about the products themselves now.

The Rose Gold Credit Card Power Bank *

What Cat Says - Tech | PNY Rose Gold Power Bank and 1.2m Cable Charger

If you didn't notice already, you can immediately see that the power bank and cable match the colour of my rose gold phone case which I was instantly excited about. I mean, I might have even been tooooo excited about this. I like having things that match and combing so having all my iPhone accessories matching is really satisfying!
Apart from the colour, it's a really lovely minimalistic design. There isn't much to it but the USB port, charging port, a blue flashing light to indicate charging and the PNY logo. I love that the power bank is almost as slim as the iPhone too - In fact so slim, the USB port portion of the power bank is slightly widened to ensure the USB fits. If there is anything I would change about this, is probably have a way of identifying when the thing is fully charged. Because I never know.

I've been using it consistently since the Bloggers Festival and I have to say it's come extremely handy when I need my phone, but I'm low on charge. Especially when I'm out and away from power sources for a full day. It does charge my phone to 100% too and I've found that it's really good for short bursts of charge too just to ensure I have enough charge until I'm home. It means that I don't have to keep recharging the power bank each and every time I use it and charging it unnecessarily.

Rose Gold 1.2m Charging Cable *

What Cat Says - Tech | PNY Rose Gold Power Bank and 1.2m Cable Charger

As for the charging  cable, it came to me just in time. I was due to buy a new one as mine had just starter to fall apart. You know, as iPhone cables do... I was thinking about investing in the heavier duty cables like this one here and I love the longer length too. It's useful for when I need to use my phone whilst it's still charging. And because it's a heavier duty casing around the wire, it'll last longer and hopefully not break - or at least not as quickly as a regular iPhone cable! I've never had one like this before so I wouldn't know, but so far so good!

Would I recommend these products?
Yes! I've been enjoying using both of these products a lot since the Bloggers Festival. Not only have I got two great products here but they've made the use of my iPhone a lot more relaxing and confident. Knowing that I don't have to worry about running out of battery when I'm out or travelling means I don't feel pressured to keep an eye on the battery life though I do put it on battery saver mode when I can. So if you ever come across PNY products, I would definitely recommend trying them. At least the phone accessories they provide!

Have you ever tried PNY products or heard of them before?


  1. I really need to pick up a portable charger and I love the look of this one!

    Coleoftheball xx

  2. Definitely never heard of PNY before! I use one by lumsing that has two sub charger ports so I can charge my phone and iPod at the same time :D I got it off Amazon for around £17!

    Isobel x

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