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What Cat Says - Lifestyle | Popcorn Lattes with Monin

I'm not often a coffee drinker. Coffee is my luxury thing I have every now and then, so when I do drink coffee, I love a seasonal/themed flavoured latte or mocha. So when MONIN asked me if I wanted to try their new popcorn flavoured syrup *, I was really excited and up for it. I didn't find out what flavour it was until it arrived in the post neatly packaged in a black box and surrounded by themed goodies. How cute right!? Being a lover of popcorn I was excited and decided I would be making some cinema/movie night ready popcorn lattes. Read on to find out how I got on...

What Cat Says - Lifestyle | Popcorn Lattes with Monin

So the syrup came neatly packaged with the cutest popcorn box and MONIN themed travel mug. I cannot tell you how excited I was by the whole thing and how much use I've got out of these cute products already. I loved the red and white stripes throughout and I loved how it came with some popcorn too. It was like blogger mail heaven!
I've got to say that gorgeous popcorn smell filled the entire box and I was so intrigued to see if the syrup smelled the same that I opened it straight away. Can't you tell by the photos? It smelled amazing, exactly as popcorn does and I could not wait to see how it tasted in a latte for that perfect cinema coffee.

Popcorn Lattes

What Cat Says - Lifestyle | Popcorn Lattes with Monin
What Cat Says - Lifestyle | Popcorn Lattes with Monin

So the Popcorn lattes came out exactly as I'd hope aesthetic wise and looked gorgeous! My parents are huge coffee lovers so I already had the know how on how to make a latte and get those perfect milk to coffee layer ratio thing going. The fact the popcorn just sat on the top of the froth excited me because I thought it would drop and I loved these coffee mugs my mum bought from IKEA a couple of weeks ago.

I have a confession to make too though. I cheated a little bit. At home we have one of those Dolce Gusto coffee machines that make the coffee for you so I used it to my advantage to make the espresso part because I cannot make espressos to save my life, so here is how I made it:
  • First, I heated up the milk. I measured out 400ml for both cups and heated the milk in the microwave.
  • When it was done, I used our handy frothing machine to froth the milk up and then poured them out evenly between both the mugs. I made sure to leave enough room for the espresso.
  • I then used the Dolce Gusto machine to make two capsules of espresso coffee which poured straight into the mugs to create that beautiful milk/coffee gradient going on. It was so satisfying to make and watch!
  • Sprinkled with some actual popcorn and sugar to taste and our popcorn lattes were ready!

What Cat Says - Lifestyle | Popcorn Lattes with Monin

 How did it taste?
Amazing! Not only did it taste like a perfect coffee but that smooth popcorn flavour really sweetened it up and it tasted gorgeous. You get the coffee taste first and then the popcorn. At first it tasted subtle but the more I drank, the more I noticed the flavour. I got everyone at home to taste them and they all agreed it was pretty good! For me, I love sweeter coffees so this was perfect. I can definitely imagine drinking this during a cold cinema trip, or for a movie night in at home. It's going to be my go to luxury drink on my special coffee days, and I'm looking forward to my next coffee day.

If you were looking to try something to change up your coffees, hot drinks or baking recipes at home, I would definitely recommend MONIN's newest Popcorn flavour! It smells and tastes exactly like popcorn and if coffee isn't your thing, you can make all sorts of drinks like Popcorn Colada and Popcorn Martinis. So they're great for cocktails too ;)
I actually have MONIN's Chocolate Cookie syrup flavour to try out in a recipe next and I think it'll be a mocha or something similar. Please leave a comment letting me know if you'd like to read that.
Looking on their website I noticed they had donut flavoured syrup which I realllyyyy want to try because doughnuts are amazing - imagine! A doughnut hot chocolate.... And I'd love to try their tea syrups too. What flavours would you want to try out for yourself? Would you try a popcorn latte?



  1. Omg these syrups sound amazing! I saw this when you first opened it on snapchat and I was intrigued by it all! Definitely wanting to try out the donut hot chocolate as I'm not a fan of coffee unless it's a chai latte!

    Isobel x

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  2. This sounds so good, popcorn and coffee together? Yes please! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  3. These look incredible! I love the Monin syrups but I didn't realise they had a popcorn flavoured one. This has just shot to the top of my wishlist!

    Amy |