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What Cat Says - Beauty | Fricton Free Shaving

Have you ever heard of a razor blade subscription box? No? Neither had I until the Bloggers Festival this year when I had a chat with the guys at Friction Free Shaving who were introducing what might actually be the answer to all our shaving dreams, and a cheaper and more hygienic way of tackling our shaving routine. If I haven't got you interested yet, the prices will... But you'll have to read on to find out all about that!

 What Cat Says - Beauty | Fricton Free Shaving
What Cat Says - Beauty | Fricton Free Shaving

Friction Free Shaving is a monthly subscription box starting at just £3 a  month with free postage and packaging. I KNOW RIGHT!?
There are three different subscription options you can go for. You could pick:
Faye which includes 2 blade heads for £3 a month.
Frankie which includes 3 blade heads for £5 a month (and the one you see here) or
Samantha which includes 5 blade heads for £7 a month.
With Frankie and Samantha you can choose the colour of your razor handle, and that'll be your handle for your blades each month when they come through the post.

I was lucky enough to receive the Frankie and now that I've been using it for the last 4 weeks I thought I'd let you know how I got on with it and a little more about it.

What Cat Says - Beauty | Fricton Free Shaving

So as you can see, the box is tiny and easily fits through your letter box. It comes with the handle and four blades in plastic packaging for safety and care. On either side of the blades there are Vitamin E strips to help keep moisture in the skin and the head pivots at a nice 90 degree angle for easy shaving!

Each blade is to be replaced at the end of the week, so you should only have one blade for a maximum of 7 days! The idea is that you're always going to have a friction free (duh) experience and smooth legs forever more. Now, doesn't that sound lovely!?

What Cat Says - Beauty | Fricton Free Shaving
What Cat Says - Beauty | Fricton Free Shaving
What Cat Says - Beauty | Fricton Free Shaving

On first impressions I was really impressed by the packaging and how easy everything was to use and access. The blades click straight onto the handle from the plastic packaging and the handle is really lovely to hold.

In terms of my shaving experience, it's been really positive! I've had smooth legs every week and I can see that my legs aren't as cut up or rough as they used to be. Having new blades each week really makes a difference! I haven't had any problems with accidentally cutting my legs (like I usually do), or any bleeding from close shaves from old blades either. It also feels a lot more hygienic when you're changing your blades so often.

What Cat Says - Beauty | Fricton Free Shaving

I am definitely considering the subscription box as I've had such a great experience with it. Though the Faye is more in my current price range due to the student life I'd probably really like to get myself the Samantha because for some reason (and sorry if this is TMI) my hair grows back SO quickly. It's pretty annoying, but I think it'll suit me best.  also love the design and for some reason, I find comfort in seeing more blades on my razor. At only £7 a month it's not exactly making a hole in your pocket!

So, have you heard of Friction Free Shaving before. And if not, are you going to visit their website right now and consider signing up?



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  2. Haven't managed to give mine a go yet. Tookthe photos after the festival and just haven't gotten around to trying it out. Great review and it it works for me I may be joining to their Subscription too.

    Love Hannah xx