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This week we're celebrating National Stationery Week and being an avid stationery enthusiast, I love buying/trying stationery new or old so of course I was excited to try a new stationery product this week! Small but mighty, say hello to these cool treasury tags by T-Tag *! They're the next generation of keeping loose papers together and your life in order. Let me tell you a little more about why these are different to your regular treasury tag.


Designed in the UK and newly launched in 2015, T-Tags is pretty new and making treasury tags a lot more fun and efficient. These modern treasury tags are made of 100% recyclable plastic, are totally shreddable and can hold up to 600 pages with an built-in snap centre for easy removal. Safe for the planet, easy to use and colourful!? What more do you want?

T-Tags come in two sizes: 50mm and 25mm and five different colours: hot pink, rose pink, yellow, blue and green. I myself have the hot pink and yellow in the 50mm size and blue and green in the 25mm size. Personally, I think I'll find the bigger ones more useful in general for keeping important documents together and keeping my uni work and assignments in order. As for the smaller ones, I can imagine they'd be better for smaller documents and actually, I have some ideas to use them for work too. They're fun for both adults and kids and personally, I think they're a great price too.

£3.79 is the most you'll pay for a pack of these - but a pack of 50 in any colour and size of your choice! And for as little as 99p you can get a pack of 10. They also come in a pack of 20 for £1.89. I think that's reasonably cheap for such a useful bit of stationery, especially considering how many you can get. I'll be waiting for the rose pink ones to come back in stock myself, so I can buy a big pack of 50 for my university work!

I'm definitely all for the modern treasury tag. Treasury tags have been used for more than 100 years for paper heavy professions and I've been using them more than I ever have at work in the last year. I used to imagine they're things only people working in the publications and politics used, but I never imagined how useful they'd be for me ever. I've never seen one that isn't any different to those typical plastic or metal ended with the green string either, so it's lovely to see a modernised and colourful version for us stationery enthusiasts. I'm really impressed with this product and though a new stationery product for me I'll definitely be buying more in the future knowing how well they work and useful they are.

What are your thoughts on T-Tags? Would you try them for yourself?


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