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It was only in January that I got my new iPhone and since then I've only had one case that has done me quite well for the last four months. Back when I had my 5S, I had about 8 different cases that I'd swap around until they broke or wore out. But with my new phone I wanted to make sure I had a phone case that had high quality in both looks and strength, as well as one I'd love for a long time.
Though my old case was doing a real good job, I wanted a change. Cue the review of my new case:

This is the iPhone 6 Tough Case from GoCustomized. The case is made up of two parts: the grey rubber casing that covers the entirety of the phone (minus screen and essential ports) and the hard casing that covers the sides and back of the phone in a nice curved wrap. Thanks to this case's double layer provides maximum protection for your phone, especially if you're a clumsy one like me...
On first impressions it does look tough and durable and actually... I accidentally tested the case's strength and quality out and I vouch for that now. After dropping my phone a couple of times on to my tiled kitchen floor (silly, I know) there is not a scratch on my phone or my case. I was actually really impressed to see this first hand and now I'm a little less paranoid about accidentally dropping my phone again.

If you didn't know GoCustomized are a Dutch born brand from Amsterdam focusing specifically in personalising all your gadgets from phones to tablets of all brands. They envision bringing personality and uniqueness into the gadgets we use on a daily basis  in a way that isn't super expensive. Personally, I love this vision because it's such a unique one. There isn't many places we can customise cases with maximum freedom, and with so many different case styles from hard back and tough cases to wallet styled or wooden cases your possibilities are virtually endless.
When personalising my case, I knew I didn't want anything super sentimental (though I like the idea of that). I knew I  didn't want photos of me, my boyfriend or my family, but I did play with the idea of getting a cute picture of my dog Dolly on it! That said, I'd just returned from Santorini and had some great photos I took there and thought it would be lovely to have one of my favourite holiday photos on there.
In the end I went for this photo I took in Thira. On that day, we'd driven about 20 minutes to Thira from Pyrgos and after finding our way to this beautiful part of the city, we sat down to relax at a bar overlooking the caldera to have a drink before exploring the rest of the city. This bar had some gorgeous views and sitting right on the edge of the cliff we could see the volcano, the city along the cliffs and a pretty seascape. It was one of those photographer styled 'Kodak moments' I felt, and though there isn't anyone in this photo and it's more photography than a classic holiday photo, it's a pretty, happy and meaningful photo and moment for me ♥
I knew being a high quality photo it would have a great chance of looking good and high quality when printed on my case and I wasn't disappointed when it arrived looking much better than I expected. With vivid colours and fine detailing, the personalisation experience of the case has exceeded my expectations, and on top of that it was so easy to personalise on their website. Simply uploading this photo from my computer and placing it exactly where I wanted it and how was no trouble at all. "It's too easy" I thought, but that's just it. It's easy and hassle free. The only hassle there is, is picking a photo or picture to personalise your case with!

Looking at the close up details, this case does not falter. The buttons are well protected with a cover, and all buttons, ports and the camera are easily accessible without trouble.
My only issue was getting the phone IN the case! It took me a good 15 minutes and I eventually had to just force it in with a push. Once in it doesn't move and sits snuggly in the case without a rattle. I also do wish I could choose the colour of the rubber as I would've loved to gone for a white rubber or have the option of black, white or grey if this was possible. But that's personal preference! Other than that, I have no issues with the quality and strength of this case :)
I'm so impressed that I've found trust in this product. At the price of £24.95 it is quite expensive for just a phone case, but the personalisation, quality of both the case and the protection strength makes it so worth it. And that's coming from a girl who's pretty cheap with her iPhone cases! I'll be buying another tough case from here when I'm itching for a new one!


  1. This is such a great idea, I'd love to purchase these as gifts for people, my family and I have a thing about personalising things xD great review! xx

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