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I love my desk space. It's a happy space for me. Having my own room meant that I could finally create a place to work and play when I needed it, and make it my own. It seems to be where I spend a lot of time in my room, despite having a super comfortable bed and a cute and comfortable vintage chair I refurbished to sit on! That said, today I thought it would be nice to show you around my desk top and touch on why this is a happy space for me.

The Desk
When we were ready to move back into our newly extended home last summer, I'd already bought my bed, and with built in wardrobes, all that left was to fill the empty space I had left with one of two things. I knew I wanted a desk, but I did toy with the idea of a buying a cute little armchair and TV to create a mini living space. Knowing that I wanted a desk space more and would get more out of it, I went to IKEA and built myself a desk using two sets of Alex drawers (for maximum storage) and one of their desktops. To keep in theme with the room I went for white drawers and an oak top to match the woodwork in my room.

The Bookshelf
The bookshelf was bought on the same day I bought my desk. I went to IKEA with my little sister when she spotted this sitting on top of my second choice desk, a white metal framed desk to which I've completely forgotten the name of. Anyway, she knew I was looking for an alternative shelving idea since we didn't like the idea of screwing a shelf into the new walls just yet and pointed it out. The rest was history as I fell in love with it and took it home. Although it does take a bit of space, I plan on placing it on a shelf when I finally put one up!
Here I keep my only books (I know a horrendously small collection right!?), my candles and a little decoration.

I don't have many books as you can tell. I got rid of a lot of them when I realised I wasn't going to read them but the ones I have here are pure favourites or ones I'm yet to read. I'm also building up a small collection of some non-fiction books such as the YouTuber books, some blogging and photography related books. I absolutely love picking up my 14,000 Things To Be Happy About book when I'm feeling down and reflecting on a couple of pages!
I've also got a small collection of children's books building in one of my drawers. Knowing that I will definitely be teaching children for a while, I started buying them instead of investing in my own reading collection. I don't mind though - you gotta love some of those classic children's books. Like The Tiger who came to Tea!

Perfume Cabinet
I bought this gorgeous mint cabinet for a steal just before I left Miss Selfridge last year. Working within a BHS, I always managed to find myself walking past the home department at lunch and break times and browsing through their homeware. I spotted this back in about February/March time last year for about £45 and though I knew I wanted it and felt like I had to have it, there was NO way I was spending that much money on this. I literally spent months waiting for this to go into the sale and watching to see how many they had left until one day I saw it go down to a ridiculously good sale price! On top of that, the day I went to buy it there was the blue cross sale on, and along with my staff discount it was a total steal and I think I only bought it for around £10!!!
I planned on using it as a perfume cabinet the whole time too, and I'm so happy to finally have it and be using it for the purpose I intended.
Why is this your Happy Space?
This is my happy space at home. I've got lots of happy spaces but this is my at home one. And the reason is because although being a work space, it's my play space too. Some people have their game stations, some people their beds, but for me this is mine. Having this space means I've finally become an organised person - a goal of mine for a while. This space also means next year I have a designated study space, and when I finally get my qualified teaching status, a place to work until I can move this into my own place. It's also a place where I can sit on my laptop and blog, read blogs, play a few games and (try) to be an online socialite. I don't feel like I'm explaining it very well, but ever since I was little I always loved and wanted a desk space of my own. It was always oddly important to me, so to finally have one is like almost fulfilling a small childhood dream! I did have one when I was younger but it was just a cool table that was attached to the wall. I loved it though.

Tell me. What's your happy space?



  1. Your desk area is so pretty! Looks like a very happy place to be : )
    Got some great books on that shelf!
    Steph x.

  2. This is such a cute area! I can definitely understand every aspect of why you find this to be your happy place. My desk is my happy place too, it has everything I need there from; my makeup, jewellery, hair things, stationary, laptop, perfumes, mirror and all my little note books and things. Sometimes I just crave to be in my little happy space at my desk as I too feel my organised self sitting there. My desk was originally bought for me for my time at university but I changed my mind and wanted a job. But boy do I not regret anything about my desk as it's the perfect size to as its a corner unit. Thanks for sharing this cute little post Cat!💕

    Isobel x

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  3. Your desk is so cute!!!! I love the Twilight books. Are you team Edward or Jacob?

    Greetings from America,
    Edye //