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The next year of my life is going to get hectic and I'm going to have to make sure I'm 100% organised for a smooth and stress free year. If you follow me on Twitter or read my recent 2016 Goals Update then you'll know I recently secured my place for teacher training next year. With blogging, working whilst training, studying and keeping a happy and healthy social life, it's going to be hard. Luckily, I've quickly become a proudly organised person, and on top of that I'm already a huge stationery enthusiast! With that in mind, I was so happy when Busy B hooked me up with some super cute stationery that will be making my next year just that little bit easier (and cuter)! I want to tell you all about it.

On the whole, I do spend a lot of time on my laptop. Even more so now that I'm busy with the blog. On top of blogging, I will need my laptop a lot more for university work from August.  Most of my work will be done online and writing up my assignments. I keep my documents and blog folders on my laptop pretty well organised, but often a thought or idea will pop in my mind and I'll have to scramble for a notebook or paper to write it down before it disappears. I don't like the notepad on Windows either because it's easily deleted so this Keyboard Pad from Busy B is perfect for those moments!
I love having a keyboard wide pad that sits nicely just below my laptop for easy use and access. It's perfect for keeping a to-do list (usually lost in the middle of a notebook), jotting down my ideas as they come and noting down other things like reminders! And if I need a ruler? The top of the page is ruled in cm if I need it! I'm honestly so silly excited over this pad, and with 45 tear off sheets I'll be a happy gal for a while.

On top of my laptop, in the year to come there will be a lot more books lying around and I can't think of a better way to keep tabs on pages than with these adorable little Doggy Page Markers! It's great and simple way to keep tabs on the pages you need rather than flicking through the whole book finding it or revisiting the index every time you need that page. I've already found it useful by marking pages I want to read up on in my Blog Inc. book and I can only imagine how useful it'll be for my studies.
My only (and minor) quarrel I have with these uber cute sausage dog markers is that I'd love to see them printed 2-sided or maybe having some facing left so I can mark the opposite pages. I found it difficult adding tabs to subtitles that began on the left page just because I didn't want the plain side of the dog facing the front of the book. Is this a weird thing to have a problem with? Just me? Nevertheless, these are cute and I haven't seen anything like them around anywhere else!!

Of course there's no doubt that post-it notes are forever useful. I use them on a daily basis around my own room as reminders for even the smallest things and I also use them at work to write notes and reminders all around the classroom. But with these Doggy Sticky Notes my little reminders can now be visually cuter and much nicer to look at than regular post-it notes. I get quite bored of looking at those florescent coloured square sheets all the time.
And finally on top of that, I'm loving these Cat Page Notes. They'll be super cute for writing up notes in my university portfolio and keeping track of things in a more organised manner! I'm yet to use them, but if they're anything like the Doggy Page Markers, they'll be really useful for my uni work.
I've really loved trying out this stationery and I can't wait to carry on using them. Oh, and if you haven't yet - you should go check out Busy B's website. They have other really cool and cute stationery collections. This one I've reviewed is the 'Cute Collection' *. They even have stationery for the parents-to-be, wedding planners and of course all us stationery enthusiasts! I love cute stationery. Don't you?


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