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If you regularly read my blog, you may have noticed some changed here over the last month or so. What Cat Says has slowly but surely returned to being more a lifestyle blog than the fashion blog it has been over the last couple of years. There are many reasons why this transition/restructure has happened and whilst thinking about these changes, I decided I wanted to write about them. I wanted to write about how it happened, why it happened and actually, why I'm in a much happier place with my blog because of the change.
Since leaving my fashion retail job back in August, I slowly stepped myself out of the fashion world for a break. When I first started my job in fashion, I had an ever-changing wardrobe and being a style blogger worked for me because I love clothes and I love challenging my styling skills too! I really enjoyed sharing my outfits for a long time, but I started to fall out of love with it after I realised I was falling under the pressure of trying to consistently post outfits and keep on trend. I still love clothes, and I still love challenging my styling skills and going shopping, but taking a break away really helped me get back to being me again, relaxing and ease that pressure I'd made to try and keep up with other style bloggers. The break away stopped my bad shopping habit of buying things 'just because' and I actually learned to re-think my purchases and re-discover my true go-to style (which I'm still working on at the moment).
But Cat, what has this got to do with your blog being less fashion now? Well, being a style blogger was so much pressure that I started to really miss just blogging what I wanted. I was blogging what I wanted but placing myself in the style blogger category I felt the need to fulfil a stronger and more dominating fashion and style presence on my blog and it was starting to make me unhappy and feel less creative actually. I also wanted to enjoy fashion again for myself again because I started feeling like my style was just for show and I didn't like that. I didn't want to be that person and I don't want to fall down the trend rabbit hole again.
Lifestyle is such a broad category and though it's broadness can be quite daunting, it also means you have freedom and a world of creative posts that sit in that category at your feet! Being a primarily lifestyle blogger means I can blog absolutely anything and still sit in my category because it's about my life, what I do, see, shop or generally like. It means I can blog an outfit if I like to, and maybe share a story about where I'm wearing it rather than just talking about the clothes. It means I can show you where I've been recently, or what make up look I'm loving at the moment. It means I can share my new things and what's making me happy right now too. I mean, how much broader can it get? And that's where I was at when I first started my blog back in the Something Said days. Who here is still reading my blog that many years later huh!? I blogged what I liked and when I liked, and it made me happy and begin my budding romance with the blogging world. Of course, now my blog, photography and content quality has improved since those days, but maybe I can make my blog look as I imagined it could back at the start of my blogging days.
I believe restructuring my blog and transitioning back into a primarily lifestyle blog is the best for my blog at the moment - and for me of course! Not that I wasn't happy before, but I am much happier now and actually excited about blogging again. I'm excited about new posts and a world of them without the barriers I accidentally put up a few years ago. I'm glad I realised what I did and take them down, because now I can run free with my ideas and love blogging properly again.
I'll still be blogging outfits - just less often. And I actually want to post more into my style series sharing new in pieces and current loves instead of full outfits. I have so many pieces that deserve a post on their own, so I'd like to do that more!
If you ask me what you can expect more of or what may be new on What Cat Says from now on, expect a injection of my true personality here - not just my style/fashion side of me. I felt like I lost it along the way, but it'll be back I'm sure. My love for stationery is bound to find it's presence here as it's started to already, and I'm hoping to start a photography series and share more travel/experience styled posts. I've got a notebook of posts ideas and things I'd love to do in my little internet space and it would be lovely to know you'll be supporting me and actually if you prefer my new direction. Would you let me know in the comments please? It would be much appreciated! ♥
I won't give it all away though - that would ruin some new things I'm hoping to do here!
I hope this all makes sense to everybody. I understand that this is a little bit of a weird posts and it isn't exactly structured the best or written in the best detail but I hope you see where I'm going with it and why I wanted to share my thoughts.

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