Style | Timberland Glancy Boots

Say hello to my very small but significant collection of Timberland Glancy Boots. I'm pretty sure I did a style post last year featuring just the Wheat Glancy Boots, but on my birthday I was given the gorgeous black pair too. And now, I'm proudly obsessed with this style for it's gorgeousness, feminine shape, extremely comfortable heel and effortless style!

I'd always wanted a pair of Timberland boots. I loved the way they looked, and I imagined they would look super cool on and be so versatile, looking great with any outfit. At first, I did want the original Timberland boots, but when my boyfriend gave me the Wheat Glancy boots for 2014's Christmas I fell in love with this heeled style.
I wore these all the time, with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses and they are just as versatile as I imagined a pair of Timberlands could be. Being a high end boot, they're amazing quality and even after a year there aren't really any signs of serious wear. I have been clumsy enough to step in a few muddy puddles, but I take care of them with suede cleaner and a special suede brush.

Loving the versatility of the wheat boots and eventually discovering the black pair in Office last year and of course, I fell in love with them too. I imagined they'd look amazing with the outfits I couldn't wear the wheat ones with just because of the colour. I knew I had to have them and very almost bought them myself since they were on offer, but didn't because Christmas was creeping up fast and I couldn't justify the money for the time being. Instead, John bought them for me for my birthday and I couldn't be more grateful for the gift! ♥
I wear the black ones a lot at the moment, just because I've been wearing a lot of darker outfits, and also being brand new I've still got new shoe love for them.

These are definitely my go-to shoe and it's often you won't see me in anything else but these (or my high leg boots). I love my little boot duo and honestly, if you're thinking of getting a pair - do it! They're comfortable, they're easy to walk in and they wear so well! For a pair that's a year old the wheat ones are doing amazing and I'm glad because I know they're both going to last me a long time.
They've also got a chocolate colour I noticed recently too which I'm thinking I'll have to eventually get myself too.... I can't help it! The colour is gorgeous, and I have a ton of outfits in mind for them too! Like I said... I'm obsessed!



  1. These look great! I'm thinking of getting a pair myself, after I break my spending ban!

    luce | xxx

    1. Thanks! Spending ban... I need to have one of those. x

  2. I don't particularly like the wheat colour but I do love the black pair!! Gorgeous - I bet you could wear them with a lot of different things <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. Thanks! I love your honesty too :) I do wear them with lots of things all the time! x