My Blogging Essentials

My blogging essentials have become so much more of a staple and serious thing each year that I've been blogging. I first started off with a laptop and a phone camera and now I can't imagine blogging without both of those things and more! So I thought it would be good to show you what I use to blog and keep my blog going from technology to apps and websites. I might not use them all as frequently as each other but I do use them all at least once a month.

HP Pavillion Notebook - I bought myself a new laptop just before the new year hit after my old one did a number on me. It's fixed now, but only so I can get all my stuff off of it before its final days are done! I've loved that HP laptop through thick and thin so I thought it was only fair to replace it with yet another HP. I'm still finding my way around it but I love it and I'm so glad to have a fresh new laptop. The last one lasted me a good 7 years so I hope this one does me just as proud! Of course, a laptop is key for blogging! It's where I write up all my posts, edit my photos and my main hub to organise all my blogging things!

iPhone 6S - I also upgraded my iPhone just before the new year too after dropping my other phone on Christmas Day! What's a blogger without her phone for live updates, snaps and instagram posts on the go. I love it to catch up on emails and check out how my blog is doing when I'm not near my iPad or laptop. If I'm tweeting you my blog links, live updates on an event or on a blogger chat, it's probably off my phone!

Nikon D3300 - This Christmas, John surprised me with my first DSLR camera. I was lost for words  (and almost in tears) receiving this and I'm so happy to be taking my photos with this camera now. Not only have I rekindled my love for photography but I have been able to significantly improve my blog photography quality. I'm still finding my way around this camera too and I cannot wait to take some amazing photos throughout the year and share these with you on here.

WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adaptor - This is a little tiny accessory that I bought for my camera earlier on this year and I'm obssessed with it! Taking my outfit photos solo is hard and with this little beaut I can take my photos 10x better than before. This little thing plugs into the side of the camera and with an app on my phone I can not only use it as a wireless remote, but I can view the photo from the phone before taking it too! It's amazing how this tiny thing has upped my photography game so much.

Velbon DF-61 Tripod - I don't know what the difference with tri-pods are but this tripod is sturdy and well balanced unlike my last tripod! It was a lifesaver in 2014 after my last one broke. Yet another gift from John, I was very close to buying one around Christmas time until he convinced me not to. Of course, I need this to take my outfit photos without having to balance my camera on the top of a box stack or a ladder dangerously. Any fashion blogger without a photographers' essential!

iPad Mini - My last techy tech thing but still essential, is my iPad. This year I vowed to use my iPad more for emails and keeping my blogging schedule digitally. I still love being organised with my notebook and diary, but I think having it on my calendar will help thanks to reminders and easy checklist apps! Also, it's what I use to view, comment and follow blogs 99% of the time via the BlogLovin' app!

Blog Diary & Notebooks - I NEED these to keep my blogging in check. I've always got my diary and notebook with me. The notebook to jot down ideas and the diary to keep them scheduled in the right place. I'm usually seen with these in hand at home at least 4-5 times a week making sure all my ideas are written. What blogger doesn't love keeping organised with lists and schedules in your notebook and diary!?


Blogger - I love blogger. It's where I started and it's probably where I will stay! Of course, the website where your blog platform is based at will be top in your blogging essentials!
BlogLovin' - After all that GFC fiasco a few years back, BlogLovin' boomed and we all ended up on there. And to be honest it's where I like it too! I find it so much easier to keep track of all your beautiful blog posts and it's a respected platform for following on. Follow me there if you're not already ;) (plug plug plug)
Google Analytics - Every month or so, I like to check my stats via Google Analytics. I might not understand every single thing 100% but I'm like to check what I know. It's good to keep track if you're serious about your blog stats.
Pinterest - A great place for inspiration. Back in the day my inspo used to come from Tumblr but these days it's the magic land of Pinterest. I don't usually use it to promote my blog, and I don't think I really will. It's more for personal inspiration and gain really.
PR Links - This category is quite wide and I didn't want to include every single PR blogger platform website that I'm connected to. But this will be the likes of eTail PR, The Blogger Programme and Type The Hype. I like to keep up to date on any potential opportunities I could be eligible for :)
Instagram - I love Instagram. I could sit there all night just liking photos and scrolling through blogger related hashtags! I like using Instagram for blog promotion mostly, but of course there's always going to be snippets of life and pretty pictures I'm proud of taking! (If you don't follow me there I'm at 'CatttSays')
Twitter - Twitter is probably my main blogging social media platform. I love the blogger chats that I need to get more involved with and I adore being able to share my posts and anything I like so easily on there! I feel it's the most beneficial for me and I find it so easy to navigate around and talk to other fellow bloggers. (Again, I'm at CatttSays there if you don't follow me via Twitter :P)
Snapchat - A new one here for me. I've barely had it a month and I get it! It's such an easy way to talk to followers in a vloggy format without actually having to vlog. It's not permanent like Instagram and it's so raw and realistic. I find it great to connect with other bloggers and visit the behind the scenes of blogger lives! And you guessed it - another social media plug. I'm at CatttSays on Snapchat!

What are your blogging essentials!? Do we have anything different here? I'd love to know - let's get talking in the comments!


  1. "I can view the photo from the phone before taking it too! It's amazing how this tiny thing has upped my photography game so much."

    Wow I didn't even know that existed! I NEED that.

  2. That little mobile adapter sounds like a dream! I definitely need to grab one of those for myself!

    Great post! :)
    C |

  3. Lovely post,I really enjoyed it <3

    Really love instagram and snapchat to reach more people and get to know them better (:

    Life in Pastel

  4. All of these essentials you have listed are really what gets a blogger going! It is important to have a great camera for pictures for your blog as well as being active on your social media platforms. Exploiting your blog on any social media platforms you use is key! This will give you more traffic to your blog and really get your blog going places :)

    Mel |