Happy Things #3

Over the last month I've had the simpler things to have been happy about. You know, those little things that just make the day better or make you smile? This month I've been doing things to escape reality, enjoying things I've missed for a while and new things I never experienced before. It's been a pretty happy mid-January to mid-February really!
  • How I Met Your Mother. In my house, this is what the entire family has been watching for weeks! I've started to be cheeky and watch ahead because I miss episodes when I'm not there but I forgot how much I loved that programme! It's been lovely to have a series to binge watch on Netflix again.
  • Daylight. Seeing the daylight more and more each morning is making me the littlest bit happier each morning too. The darker mornings were just too depressing for me, and I'm much more of a morning person during spring and summer. Also - it makes taking blogging photos SO much easier too! Aren't we all fed up waiting for that 11am-2pm daylight slot!? Welcome back longer days - you've been sorely missed ♥
  • Colouring In. I LOVE my adult colouring books! I've been particularly attached to Millie Marotta's Tropical Wonderland colouring book where I coloured a toucan ombre, a rainbow boa rainbow and a flamingos bright pink! I've been really happy just grabbing my collection of Crayola colours and colouring book, and escaping reality for a couple of hours.
  • Reaching Milestones. In January I reached 700 followers on my blog. Yay! I secretly set myself this goal last month and was so happy when I actually achieved it because I thought it was unrealistic simply because I didn't do to well with followers last year. Since setting my goals for 2016, I've been so motivated to do better with my blog and getting a bigger audience on my blog has just motivated me even more. If you followed me any time between January and now, thank you! You've been making me very happy.
  • Final Fantasy VII. This month I decided to finally play and experience Final Fantasy 7. This game means an awful lot to my boyfriend and now that I've played it I can see why. It's such an amazing story line and it really grabs you from the start! I'm getting really addicted to playing it too. I can't wait to play it again, I'm at a really intense part of the game!!!
  •  Going to bed. Going to bed has been lovely this last month or so. I don't know what is different this month but I have been enjoying sleep so much! I've also been loving the Sleep Cycle app just to check out my sleep quality and all those things. It's interesting! It's weird - sometimes you can't explain why you've had something making you happy. It just does.
So that's what's been keeping a smile on my face this month. What's been keeping a smile on yours? 



  1. Yay adult coloring books! They're so fun and relaxing. I'm so glad more people are using them. I've been sleeping really well myself - I think I do more in the day than I realize, because once I lay my head down on the pillow at night I fall right to sleep. It's lovely!

  2. I have felt so much happier seeing the sun too, it's like a magic cure!


  3. I picked up the Mindy Project on netflix and I totally know what you mean about how nice it is to have a show to bingewatch.

    Congrats on the 700 followers!