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I adore getting books for Christmas! It's probably my favourite things to receive and usually it's the fun books or hyped up books that I'm after each year. There are so many now for so many different things and I've already bought a few books for people this year, because well... They're great for entertainment purposes and keepsakes. You may have noticed my gift guide doesn't really contain any novel style books, and that's because I think they're the sort of books you buy yourself to read. You decide if that blurb catches your interest really and books like the ones I've listed above are either great for the novelty, books you wouldn't buy for yourself or actually quite useful.

Let's go for Youtuber books first. They have boomed this year and who doesn't want their favourite youtuber's book nowadays? I've picked here the two I think would be the most wanted this year by both guys and girls, but of course you've got the likes of Tyler Oakley, Pewdiepie and Sprinkle Of Glitter who all have books out and that's to name a fraction of them! Me myself would love to see Tanya Burr's book and maybe Louise Sprinkle Of Glitter's book under my tree.
Adult colouring books are a craze now, and one I was totally into a few months ago. That said, they've stayed in a drawers for a good while and I need to revisit them soon, but these would be a great gift for your most artsy people!
Food books are great for anyone, and I think these would be great for your less able cooks! I would love a book about all the mug cakes you can make and I think the sandwich one is useful for anyone taking lunches into work, students or experimentalists.
Women In This Town is a book that intrigued me on my search for books to include in my gift guide. I'm interested in seeing the different styles of different cities and for us style bloggers this would be an awesome book for inspiration!
The last two books on my gift guide I find are probably the most fun to read here. 14,000 things to be happy about I feel would be a great book for your less optimistic people or for those who LOVE to be happy. (So anyone yeah?) And don't you ever think - errmmmm yeah that should totally be a word? Well here's a book with a list of words that really should be words!

I hope that helped anyone thinking about buying someone a book this Christmas! Books are great for all ages, and there are thousands of books you could buy someone this year that they'd truly love. A simple gift with thought I think.... What about you?

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