What Cat Wore | Evergreen Dream ft. Apricot Clothing

Say hello to my new favourite dress. I've always been a fan of the skater dress. They're so flattering, feminine and they're perfect for any time of year. I wear them quite often to work now too, so when I spotted this knitted beaut on the Apricot website, I knew I had to have it. And out of this dark green, black or burgundy it had to be the green. Being knitted it is super warm and the sleeves are essential in this cold weather. The shape too is amazing sitting perfectly and showing off all the right curves! I really can't get enough of how nice this dress feels on.

With the weather having turned so harshly, I can see myself wearing this so much over the next few months! I think it's such a pretty simple dress, so versatile and easily styled with printed leggings or tights or with silver jewellery and bag like I have for a more dressy 'smasual' feel. I love this statement necklace too that I also got from the Apricot website for it's simplicity though still a statement. I've worn it with a few outfits now and I can see being another solid staple in my wardrobe from now on. To finish this outfit off I slipped on my favourite boots and adding a silver embellished bag to keep that silver running through my outfit.

You could so wear this dress out anywhere. You could dress smartly for work, dress it casually for a shopping trip or just your usual daily goings on, and I even think you could dress it up for a special occasion like dinner or Christmas day even! I'd easily wear it with a gilet, waistcoat or a fancy pair of tights or leggings for some pattern. It's just simply so lovely, that I might have to get the other two colours too!

What I'm Wearing
Dress * - Apricot
Necklace * - Apricot
Boots - Timberland
Bag - Primark


  1. Such a beautiful dress, the colour really suits you x


  2. Wow! Always wearing unique, You look so pretty with your dresses.....