10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

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I'm feeling like one too many things have been trying to get me down recently and it started to really annoy me. I hate being a negative person - it's not who I am and it's not who I intend to be ever. So when things like this happen, I like to list things that are making me happy right now no matter how small they may seem or are to other people. There are a few things I'm super excited about in my happy list, and there are a few things that are just little comforts. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading them as I enjoy sharing them!
  1. Busted are back together. Literally, the most exciting thing to happen this month! Us true Busted fans who went to the first tour, who enjoyed their music first time round are beyond happy about this because although we did love McBusted. Just Busted is better. And just McFly is better too! If someone would like to buy me gig tickets if I don't manage to, that would be much appreciated.
  2. I've got a beautiful and colourful bunch of flowers to look at right now. I doooo! John bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers last week and they're still blooming! It's so beautiful seeing pink daisies and yellow roses every morning. And now I've got freshly bloomed orange lillies to look at too. They're perfect to brighten up this dull weather ♥
  3. My feet are so cosy in my new uber fluffy slipper socks. I just bought these from Primark today for £2 and they're the best £2 I've ever spent!
  4. I've got started on Christmas shopping. I've bought all my siblings and I've got ideas for my parents and boyfriend. I think I'll be in a good place soon in terms of Christmas!
  5. I feel like I'm in a good place with my blog. I've been feeling very positive about my space on the internet. Although life has been a little hectic I like giving myself some free time to blog as I please, and with that I feel like I've been doing a better job with it.
  6. I've got plans for the weekend. This doesn't happen often, but I'm really looking forward to this one! Roll on the weekend ♥
  7. It's time to upgrade, but I'm not going to. And don't need to. I'm due for an upgrade in 4 days and though most people would say I should - I don't feel the need to. I'm still loving my iPhone 5S, it has not failed me and I'm not too fussed about getting the new 6S yet (though it does look awesome). So instead I'm going to long it out until I need to upgrade! I think my 5S can last a lot lot longer ;)
  8. I think my nails are growing. I noticed today, my nails are a decent length compared to the past. I've been trying to grow my nails literally for years and I think I'm getting there. That said, I'm quite happy with the length at the moment because they look healthy and quite nice for my stubby short nails.
  9. I had chilli con carne for dinner. It's when you haven't had something you love for a long time and then you remember to have it and it's amazing. This was today... My mum made the yummiest chilli con carne and I can't remember the last time I had it. Dinner today was perfect!
  10. I'm feeling optimistic despite some things not going my way right now. I've got a lot going on right now and despite things going either the wrong way, taking a dip or trying to ruin my day I'm staying optimistic! As I said before, I'm not a negative person and I always try to see the good in things. I'm doing that now, and even if I'm not having a great time right now, it's one of the only things keeping me going. I think that's a good way to be don't you?
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Share with me what's making you happy right now no matter how small it is! I'd really love to know because I do read all the comments and I appreciate every single one ♥
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  1. I love fluffy & fuzzy socks; you really can't go wrong. They're so comfortable. :]

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