Hillary's Crafternoon Event

Hillarys Crafternoon -  My Jewellery Box
Hillarys Crafternoon

Last Sunday, I was invited to attend Hillary's Crafternoon to learn all about Hillary's New 'Jewel Edit', which is a collection of new fabrics for curtains and blinds inspired by the fashion and colours for this season. When I was invited, I felt it was going to tie in well with some future posts I have in mind to do with my fresh new bedroom as I have just got my new curtains (put up today!) from Hillary's themselves!
I of course said yes to attending, and had the loveliest afternoon meeting new bloggers and crafting with Hillary's and The Crafty Hen!

Hillarys Crafternoon - Drink Shop & Do
Hillarys Crafternoon - Tea & Red Velvet Cake

The day started off here at Drink Shop & Do in Kings Cross which is this lovely little crafty café near King's Cross Station. It was really easy to get to and was greeted warmly into the back room where the event would be held by the staff at Drink Shop & Do and Hillary's. We were offered tea and cake which I did not refuse! I mean look at that gorgeous slice of red velvet!!!

Hillarys Crafternoon - The Crafty Hen
Hillarys Crafternoon - Fabric Off Cuts

After us bloggers had settled down arriving one by one, having a chat and drinking tea we started the day with the lovely women at The Crafty Hen introducing themselves and what we would be making on the day and demonstrating how we would be creating them. We also heard all about the jewel collection and how we would be using the fabrics from the new jewel collection to create our crafts for the afternoon. We'd be making our own personalised jewellery boxes covered in the fabrics and if we were lucky enough to finish some cute little floral/fabric hair accessories!

Hillarys Crafternoon - Making A Jewellery BoxHillarys Crafternoon - Making A Jewellery Box
Hillarys Crafternoon - Making A Jewellery BoxHillarys Crafternoon - Making A Jewellery Box
Hillarys Crafternoon - Finished Jewellery Box

I was so excited to start, and decided to go for colours that would match the curtains I'd bought at home. I gone off to pick my fabrics and settled for this beautiful red and mauve leaf print and a red interior with a floral pink section to hold rings in.
If I'm being totally honest, without my head getting too big I felt I did a really good job with mine! It was a little difficult at first, but once I got the hang of what I was supposed to be doing, it was working! I ended up sticking my ring holders down so that I could slide rings to sit in between them and left a larger section to put either earrings or bracelets.

Hillarys Crafternoon - Tea Twice!
Hillarys Crafternoon - Hair Piece Creation

After we'd all almost finished our boxes (I was the impatient person who'd finished way too quickly), we had another cup of tea during a break and watched the demonstration for the next activity. I was even more excited for this one, because I loved the idea and I quite like a bit of sewing. I can't for the life of me remember what these are supposed to be called so apologies for my lack of information or picture guides on how it was done. But here's a link on how to do it!
We were basically making cute little floral looking hair pieces. We could pick to make headbands, hair clips or slides or a brooch if you wanted one of those. Whatever you desired! I desired a extravagant hair slide that I'm absolutely in love with though I have no where to wear it. I do want to make some more at home now although...

Hillarys Crafternoon - Jewel Edit Mood Board
Hillarys Crafternoon - Marsala Mood Board
Hillarys Crafternoon - AW15 Mood Board
Hillarys Crafternoon - Jade Mood Board
Hillarys Crafternoon -  Jewel Edit

Between all the crafting, I walked around the room to look at all the inspiration boards and see how the collection was built. During my walk around I fell in love with the jewel tone blues, and the yellow/grey vibes on one of the boards. I did love the reds, but not as much as the blues and yellows. There was one particular fabric I fell for with teal and yellow florals, twigs and birds I think. It did make me think about the curtains in my room, and whether I would of preferred these. But now my curtains are up, I'm all for them! It is a beautiful collection, and I can see why Hillary's are making such a big fuss about their gorgeous new prints and colours!
Hillarys Crafternoon -  Display
Hillarys Crafternoon - Jewellery Boxes
Hillarys Crafternoon - Crafts by other Bloggers
Hillarys Crafternoon - Display
At the end of the afternoon we'd displayed all our works for everyone to see and with so many people in the room it was interesting to see no two the same and so many different styles and ideas coming from such creative individuals! I really enjoyed this part and it gave me ideas for my own home creativities, and to just admire too really.
I had the loveliest time at the Crafternoon and met such lovely people. I'm sorry but I'm likely to have forgotten your names - I'm terrible with names; but it was very lovely to meet you all, and thank you very much to Hillary's for inviting me to the event and to see your beautiful new collection and The Crafty Hen for showing us how to make such beautiful things and being so helpful.

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