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Blue Velvet Boots
Navy Velvet Block Heel Boots - New Look

Let's just admire these for a minute shall we?
My latest addition to my shoe collection, and it was a spontaneous purchase and my best spontaneous purchase ever. I'm not one for buying shoes or even shopping for anything fashion online, but when I saw these on the New Look website I had to have them!

Blue Velvet Boots - Details
Blue Velvet Boots

I've got a big thing for boots right now, and velvet, so these were right up my street! I found these beauts in New Look's 915 range (which is for teens), and I was gutted when I saw them there because of how much I wanted them and because I have huge size 7 feet. But I still went on to check what size they went up to and I was shocked when I saw they go up to my size! I had to buy them there and then.
I'm absolutely smitten for these gorgeous boots and even better, they look amazing on and are pretty versatile! I'm sure this won't be the first and last time you see them because they'll probably be featured in every other outfit for the whole of autumn/winter, AND I'm pretty much obsessed. The only downside is that they gather fluff quite easily but hey, what are lint rollers for!?
You know it's going to be a good autumn/winter when you find an amazing staple piece for your wardrobe 

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  1. YAY to amazing shoes!! So in love with these!

    Robyn /