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Yesterday was way too hot for this outfit in London with it being an amazingly warm day. Luckily I didn't take a jacket with me even though we read it was supposed to be raining this weekend. Lies ofc. It was boiling!
So this weekend I'm off for a long weekend with John and to start it off we went for a trip down London for a historical day out. We love our history and visiting new places and this time went to the Tower Of London. It sounds pretty random, but we watched a documentary on Netflix which spurred this decision, and we had a lovely day there despite it being crazy busy. The highlight ofcourse were those amazing Crown Jewels. I've seen them before but I was really little and on a school trip so I just remembered a dark room with lots of spot lights and seeing all the diamonds sparkling in every direction. When you're old enough to process it a little better and appreciate gems and history, it becomes even more amazing.
Onto the outfit...

In case I was going to be somewhat cold yesterday, I wore this lovely red high neck top that I bought from Topshop the other day. It was totally the wrong decision because I was boiling in this but in my mind that morning, it was perfect in case it would get cold like I usually do! The sleeves are just the right length and the high neck not being too high that I feel claustrophobic! The red is beautiful too and with a simple pair of jeans and my favourite and comfiest heeled boots and I was ready to go. I needed something a little more on this outfit though, so I picked up my latest jewellery addition that I actually bought for a festival themed look I'm wearing to a party this weekend. I haven't got that many pretty statement necklaces any more after a little clear out so this is a great new addition and looks lovely with this outfit adding a little detail to finish it all off.

What I'm Wearing
Top - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Necklace - Primark
Boots - Timberland
Bag * - George @ Asda

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    1. Thank you! The boots are all time faves <3 x

  2. That statement necklace is gorgeous and I love how well the brown shoes tone with your red jumper! x


    1. Thanks! It's weird how well they go together with the black jeans too - somehow works :) x