Strawberry, Banana & Kiwi Smoothie

Recently I discovered my new favourite breakfast and mid-day snack replacement. In my bid to become a healthier human, I've started making smoothies and my gosh am I a fan - especially of this Strawberry, Banana & Kiwi smoothie! Today I've got this easy and healthy smoothie recipe for you that has become a fast favourite of mine that I hope you'll try! I've also got a mini review of my Kenwood Smoothie 2GO machine I received a while back as a thank you for a video project. I hope you enjoy!

For this smoothie you literally need four things:

  • 2 Kiwis, sliced.
  • 2 Bananas, sliced.
  • A handful of Strawberries, diced.
  • Crushed Ice

The Kenwood Smoothie 2GO is literally the easiest smoothie maker to use. You simply pop your ingredients into the cup to the fill line, screw on the blender lid, clip in into the base and turn it on! Once you're done, remove the blender lid and add the cup lid for easy drinking or to take with you on the go! I absolutely love this lid feature because it's helped me so much on those busy days when I'm in a rush in the morning, or I want to take it with me to work as an alternative to my usual chocolate bar or other sugary snacks! With this smoothie maker I do feel a bit harsh adding ice, which is why I usually add it already crushed. I also suggest adding the ice after to make sure my fruit is well blended first. The ice is just to make it cold anyway!

I absolutely love this Strawberry, Banana & Kiwi smoothie. It's a healthy simple drink with natural sweetness and also really filling! This is fast becoming my favourite for easiness as well as it's natural sweetness and flavour. My favourite time to have this is for a mid-day snack/drink or after a run. I know I should probably go for something with a little more protein but this works for me at the moment whilst I'm still a rookie! ;)
When it comes to the mornings, I normally for something a little more filling. I quite like Banana & Peanut Butter at the moment and I recently tried Banana & Nutella. that tasted like liquidated crepe and was actually amazing, despite it being slightly unhealthy. Hehe!
I hope you like this post and try this recipe out for yourself! I know it's not really original but it's a current favourite and I'm really enjoying my smoothies at the moment. If you think there's a recipe I should try, please link them to me - I want to try a bunch of new ones! :)

As for the Kenwood Smoothie 2GO, it's honestly been a big help to keeping my new healthy lifestyle - seeing it in the kitchen has pushed me to use it, and it does the job really well. A solid favourite appliance right now - haha! And with two cups, you don't have to worry if one's in the washing machine - you've always got a spare second cup to use so you can always have a smoothie! :)

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