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Let's just admit it. If you have Netflix - it can take over your life. The problem is becoming obsessed over watching all seasons of the show you've just discovered or one that people told you you should watch and only started watching yesterday though it began airing in 2011. And right now Netflix has taken over my life a little bit so today I thought I'd share the things I'm watching on Netflix right now. I apologise for any future procrastination due to this Netflix show sharing. *NO SPOILERS*

One that I only discovered a couple of months ago and am totally caught up with already. Shameful that I have watched 5 and a half seasons so quickly. If you haven't watched it yet, you've heard about it on Twitter and you're also wondering who A is! I'm so excited that next week we get to find out who A really is but it doesn't stop me conjuring new PLL theories as to who it is and why. A aside, I'm totally shipping Ezria, and am totally obsessed with all the girls style! I don't know what I'll watch when this is over!!!

My newest obsession and one I've lumbered upon my little brother and sister too. Hehe!
Probably the most twisted modern day fairy tale story ever, but it somehow seems to all make sense no matter how much is going on. It jumps a lot from present day to past, from story to story and it does take a little concentration, but that's what gets you so engrossed. If you love Disney, fairy tales and mysteries then you'll love this. Plus Captain Hook is pretty hot in this...! I'm almost at the end of Season 3 which is proving to be pretty awesome, so I'm excited to see what Season 4 brings and Season 5 in September.

I need to catch up with this one when I'm caught up with Once Upon A Time! I started watching this a while back with the boyfriend and it's such a great programme. A little bit like Once Upon A Time with the time jumping, but it's pretty good if you like super heroes, magic and action. I love the character Hiro in this! A must watch for super-hero lovers ♥

Apart from those three awesome shows right now, I really love Orange Is The New Black but felt the last season was unfinished and all the stories began too late. Nothing was resolved and I didn't like this - there wasn't enough of the super hot Ruby Rose either!
I also want to get into Prison Break properly too. I started watching it, but wasn't totally into it straight away, so it'll be a "give it another chance" show. That and Sons Of Anarchy. But I think that's too crazy people and gruesome for me!

If there's anything you think I should watch, let me know! I don't know what I'm going to watch when I'm done with these!

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  1. I love Heroes and Prison Break, I got completely addicted to Prison Break. I'm currently catching up on Orange is the new black. Suits is good too.

  2. Netflix is officially the love of my life besides my cat haha thanks for reviewing, I'm always needing new shows to watch! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  3. Pretty Little Liars of couuuuuurse ! I binge watched all the seasons of Heroes in 3 months from October to mid January. Then watched all the season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, followed by all the seasons of Lost and I'm currently at the 6th season of Smallville :D