My Little Gypset Box

My Little Gypset Box Box

Mid-August is upon us, and with that comes this month's My Little Box! This month we have My little Gypset Box inspired by boho/gypsy style. I've been well into the gypsy trend this season wearing off the shoulder tops lined with crochet embroidery, wide leg trousers and prints. So I was excited to see what was in store this month's box. Carry on reading to see what was inside!

My Little Gypset Box Contents
My Little Gypset Box Magazine, Poster & Hair Ties

The first thing I noticed in the box were these cute little hair/wrist bands! I'd seen so many people with lots of different ones of these so I'm glad to finally have some that will look nice on my wrist as well as my hair. That's because I'm the sort of girl who puts like 10 hair bands around her wrist when not in use! I love the colours and being seamless, I'm assured that I won't be snagging my hair in any metal clasps or getting tangled in one of these.

My Little Gypset Box Bag

Next in the box was the lovely bag which MLB collaborated with Antik Batik to create. It's so boho with the design, the long strap and the drawstring detail. Easy to carry and I'd think perfect for holidays when you don't want to take too much. Something easy, but stylish! It's lovely, and though I haven't had a chance to use it yet, I'm thinking of saving it for my holidays.

My Little Gypset Box Make Up
My Little Gypset Box Make Up

Lastly but never the least, we have three amazing products in this month's box. The bronzer by My Little Beauty is what caught my eye first, as I'm really into bronzers at the moment and I love this colour. It's going to be great to create a subtle tanned look - maybe a really nude 'naked' make up look. Secondly we have the Colour Hybrid by So Susan which is a lip & cheek mousse! I swatched this on my hand and OMG it is so super pigmented! I can't believe how little product you need to use for such a bright colour, but it is so pretty and the texture is amazing. I'll definitely be using this as a lip product but I'm thinking I'll be a little scared to use it as a cheek product at first. Not to say I won't try though!
Last we have Bermagot Blossom & Sweet pear scented Body Milk by Korres. WOW. The smell is amazing, and leaves the skin feeling super soft afterwards. I've always mentioned how bad I am at body lotions, milks, butters - anything of the sort but with a smell like that I'll happily try and pop that into my skin care routine. 

Overall, I like this box, but I'm not too much of a fan this month. My favourite thing here is the hair ties actually, because they're the most useful to me! But I didn't find this box as inspirational and exciting as the others. I do have to mention that I feel my decision is being wavered due to me contemplating un-subscribing from MLB. I have been getting this box for about a year now and though I really enjoy receiving the box, reviewing it and having the things after I'm starting to wonder if I want to carry on receiving it. This also ties into the fact my new job is classed part-time so it means less income, and I want to be saving money where I can. As much as I love receiving it - I don't NEED it... And this is where I'm trying to 'adult' and think about this. This may be the last box I get, but I still haven't decided yet so... we shall see!

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  1. I bought this box too and I love the hair ties and the bronzer but I'm disappointed with everything else x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. I have to agree with you! I did end up removing myself from the subscription... I loved having it but I don't need it any more and I'm always worried of disappointment x