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The Incredible Face Mask - May Beauty

I love a good face mask whether it be for a pamper session or for a little extra tlc in my skincare routine. And if it says it does something remarkably well I'm bound to try it, so when the lovely people at May Beauty asked me if I'd like to try their Incredible Face Mask, I was up for it and ready to try it out!
My Skin Type
When it comes to my skin type, I'd say I suffer from very dry skin, blackheads and enlarged pores on my t-zone. I can easily fix my dry skin in a week or so, but maintaining it is hard at times, especially since I'm pretty awful at keeping a consistent skincare routine going, but my blackheads and pores have been a constant battle for me. I've tried all the t-zone strips under the sun and all the black head scrubs you can think of, but nothing lasts longer than a couple of days - maximum a week.
The Incredible Mask claims to remove black heads, dead skin and oil in just one peel off mask, and then acne and reduced pores in regular use of the mask as well as fresh and smoother skin. I feel the mask is mainly aimed to acne prone skin, but I felt that this would benefit me if it was to remove my black heads and reduce pores as it says it would. The only thing I was worried about was my dry skin as this mask is aimed to remove oils from the skin where I would much rather keep them at the moment.
The mask is made from primarily deep sea mud, which I've heard many times before is amazing for the skin. Along with a few other things to make it from your regular deep sea mud mask into a peel!
The Process
The process was pretty simple to follow. After cleaning and cleansing my face to remove all traces of make up and dirt, I applied the mask in even layers over my face using the brush. I had to make sure I wasn't going to apply it to any areas with hair as it would potentially remove those hairs also, so keep well away from eyebrows and hair lines! 
After applying the mask I waited for it to dry for 30-45 minutes. Being my first application I went in for the full 45 minutes and spent my time catching up on all the YouTubers I hadn't watched all week. The mask dried pretty well apart from the very tops of my cheekbones which was still a little sticky but nothing major to worry about. Now peeling it off was going to be the hard part.
Peeling off the mask was a slow process for a reason - This stuff sticks! It took me a while to get there, but I did in the end and it was a more painful than I expected at first especially around my cheeks and other soft areas. The pain was more of a sting more than anything so I got used to it quickly, and the only thing that actually hurt was the few baby hairs I caught around my temples.
The Results
Removing the mask I found my skin to actually be quite reddened but this is something they mention would happen for about 30 minutes afterwards, so I expected it.
I did feel my skin was a lot cleaner and definitely a lot tighter which was a lovely feeling, and I did see the removal of that dead skin. I didn't see the black heads so much which I felt was a little disappointing, but I have been trying other methods of black head removal prior to the mask, so I wouldn't like to completely judge it on the first try. I have seen proof that it is a great remover of black heads on other reviews of the mask, and I'm hoping that on my next mask I'll see some yucky blackheads pulled off on the peel. I always find that the physical evidence of something working is always very reassuring.
The only thing I didn't like about this mask is that it left my skin feeling even drier afterwards. The next day I felt like the skin around my cheekbones and forehead were very sensitive. This did worry me a little bit, but it was only sensitive to the touch for the one day.
I know you can't really tell a difference but here is my before and after anyways! :)
My Verdict
Overall, I actually like this mask minus the drying (something I can deal with). I did see my skin condition improve after my first use of the mask, and I felt a lot cleaner and fresher knowing I just removed all the demons from my face. The only thing I worry about is the mask drying out my skin too much, but I am basing this review on a first impression and it could have been the initial application for me. I will be using all the masks and updating on this post to see if there are any further results and a full verdict on my experience with The Incredible Face Mask over the course of 5 weeks and one mask per week.
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Have you tried The Incredible Face Mask yet? If you have, let me know how you experienced it and if you haven't and are interested you can use my special discount code and get 30% off a mask package!

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