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Forgive me. I've been a ridiculously useless blogger these days as life takes over. My camera doesn't seem to be liking me right now either with a alleged "technical issues" including battery issues and that thing when it dislikes your face. So I haven't taken any of the blog photos for a million posts I actually want to be writing up right now.
I miss blogging and I seem to be sucking at it right now so I thought we'd have a little flashback where I share with you my favourite posts of the past! Just FYI, I was inspired by a post on Zoe London's blog where she shared 50 blog post ideas, and I love the idea of going back and re-visiting things you feel were successful or are proud of.
Let's start from the earliest...

'My Best Hot Chocolate' - I remember writing this clear as day. I had a strong craving for one of my favourite ever hot chocolates still to this day and I simply decided to write about how good it was and reminiscing about it. That was a good post, and a good hot chocolate. Maybe I should blog like that more. I miss it ♥
My First 'What Cat Wore' - Not titled What Cat Wore, but it is the very first of many outfit posts! I love this one because it opened a new door for my little internet space.

My first and only DIY post! 'DIY Union Jack Wooden Chair' - Many of my favourite posts are my first of things... This being my only DIY post because I don't feel skilled enough to share more of my DIYs in case they're crap. But this one I'm super proud of because I still have that chair and plan on fixing it up as it's got a little worn out since then.
'Wild Cat Ombre' - One of my first hair dying experiences I posted has actually been my most popular post. I loved that this helped so many deciding to ombre, and I loved this look... I just wished it looked better than it actually did. 

Edinburgh Day One & Day Two - Edinburgh is still one of my most favourite breaks away ever and I really enjoy sharing my experiences on my blog more for myself. I love looking back at this post the most because it reminds me of all the things we did there and the start to me sharing a lot more adventures on my blog :)
Herts/Beds Bloggers Meet Up - Another post I love looking back at because it's when I met a bunch of new blogging friends and noticed how many people around me actually enjoyed doing the same thing as I did! I love looking back at this post because it was a great day out and I look forward to doing it again soon ♥

VoucherCodes Blogger Swap Shop - The first swap shop was such an amazing event to attend and I love looking back at both the events. It was my first event (another first I know) and I enjoyed meeting so many new people. I love this post along with my Swap Shop Haul because I got to share how I experienced it with everyone who went and all my readers!
WCW: Penguins Of The World - I don't know why but I remember taking these photos and really enjoying this photo taking session! It was around the time the sun started to come out and I'd got quite confident with sharing my styling at this point. I remember feeling really happy and proud of myself for being so active in my blogging. Plus I love this tee so much. And I had red hair.

Confessions Of A Blogger - Looking back at this post I slightly cringe at the things I've admitted to but I love the post because of my honesty! I've always kept to my honesty policy and this post was a lot of fun to write. How about you check it out and see if we have any blogger confessions in common!? ;)
My Little Parisian Box - Numero UNO (again) of a series of posts I absolute ADORE creating! This box is so much fun to receive, unbox and blog about. I found out about this box via reading other blogs, and I'm so glad I've subscribed to it since box one, it's been a pure joy. My favourite box by far is the Dream Box, but they're all so good too in their own little way. I'd suggest checking my series of them out and possibly subscribing to it yourself! ♥
KeraStraight At Salon Intl. - An experience I'll never forget because I learnt so much about hair care. Since this visit I've looked after my hair 110% and I love reading back to this post to see how much it changed my hair, and how my experience went. I'd love to go on about it but you can read my post and also watch my vlog on it! ;)

Pinspirations - This is a series I created after falling in love with Pinterest and I love this series because it's probably the one I click on and revisit the most for inspirations. Just what I wanted it to do! My favourite board being my AW14 one the most and I'm loving my SS15 one at the moment for current styling inspirations. Check them out? :)

I hope this post is as enjoyable to you as it was for me to write up! I love looking back at all my favourite posts and why because it's like an online diary of my adventures and journey. It'd be lovely to see some lovely comments on those posts and here letting me know which ones you liked the most. It's all from the last 5 years (whaaaaaaat!?) and it's been great looking back especially so close to my 5 year blogging anniversary! ♥ enjoy!

CAT xo
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