My April/May Favourites

Please excuse my rubbish quality photography and editing skills. I don't know what happened... I have good days and bad days with photography! Anyways - here are my favourites for the last two months. I realised I totally missed out April's favourites last month, so I thought I would double them up for this month. My favourites have been pretty solid for the last couple of months so it's kinda worked out, but here they are and why - Enjoy!

River Island Drape Cardigan - This cardigan is a serious staple for my wardrobe right now and I'm thinking about buying another one if River Island still have them in stock. I'd like a white one for the summer, but I do just want another colour. I literally wear this with almost every outfit and I'm not even over exaggerating. It just goes with everything and is super comfy - I'm forever loving this one. Just see my outfit posts! Haha.
JORD Wood Watch, Cora Series in Maple & Silver * - When JORD asked me if I wanted to review a watch of theirs, I honestly expected to not like it as much as I wanted to. I expected it to be bulky and probably a little uncomfortable to wear, but it's so not! It's a pretty and delicate watch that looks great to create a 'natural' look/theme - love it for the summer. But the thing I like the most about this watch is that it's kinetically powered by movement! Great for the environment ♥
Primark Wedge Lace Up Sandals - Again, I didn't expect to love but I dooooo! I love these wedges, not only for how pretty they look on but for comfort too! They're a great smart summer shoe with style, and the beginning of an obsession with lace up shoes. Give me more!
Just Trade Badger Necklace * - I have been wearing this necklace so much since I got it. It's such a cute necklace with a great back story that goes with lots of outfits thanks to it's monochrome colours. I'd love it if you read my review I wrote about it a while back and see what my thoughts are on the brand and the cuteness of my little Barry Badger necklace!
Pointless Blog iPhone Case - Now. I'm not one to usually buy into merch, but when Pointless Blog's Alfie Deyes shared his two new iPhone case designs, I knew I wanted this pink one simply for the quote. The quote is spot on and something I'd like to be reminding myself at the moment. It's also super soft and nice to hold. The quality is actually spot on and I love that it's limited edition :)
Rimmel Nail Polish in Build Me Up Butter Cup & Dannyboy Blue - I wore these two colours on my falsies a few weeks back and I've really been loving them for their quality and opaque colour! I find it hard to find decent bold opaque colours recently and it bugs me, but these are just lovely. I think I'm especially fond of the yellow. It's so bright!

(APP) Geometry Dash - I have been obsessing over this game after my boyfriend showed me it last week. I love how it's so simple and the music is in time to the jumps/course in the game. A perfect game to test out your synchronisation and timing skills!
(APP) Panda Pop - After thinking I lost all the progress on my levels when I updated my iPad, I gave up with this game not wanting to start again, especially since I got about 160 levels in. The other day I thought I'd start again being that I hadn't deleted the app and voila! My levels somehow reappeared! I was so happy and instantly started playing again. I'm currently on level 198 and still enjoying it. All you have to do is match the colour bubbles and save the pandas... It's not as easy at it sounds because there's bubble limits and evil bubbles too... but still so good.
(TV) Heroes - I started watching Heroes with John a few weeks back and I was obsessed from episode 1! It's available on Netflix, and I can't wait to see what happens next. I think I'm coming to the end of Season 1 at the moment and only because I'm not watching it religiously every time I get the chance to. But I'm feeling a Heroes marathon coming soon. It's just getting too exciting!
(FOOD) Wispa - Don't ask why, but I've developed a love for a Wispa. I think it's the airy bubbles in the chocolate and that distinctive Wispa flavour... mmmmm. It's been my go to naughty treat these last couple of months and I especially love them cold. Send me all the refrigerated Wispas plz!!!

So those are my favourites for April/May. Have you been loving any of the same things? And if not what have been your favourites this month? Anything I should be buying into, watching on TV or eating!?

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  1. I loved Pointless Blog's phone cases but sadly I don't have an iphone - the quote is spot on though! Gisforgingers xx