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Choker Necklaces & Princess Necklace - Mink & Stone *

When I was at the Bloggers Love Fashion Week in March, I had to take a sit down after my feet started to hurt from being up all day. Isabelle and I ended up sitting down next to Miisa - the founder of Mink & Stone and got talking about her brand. She and her husband had the wonderful idea of creating a website where the customer could create the perfect beaded necklace of their choice to go with any outfit. It's a pretty amazing idea, because every woman has been in that situation where they know what they need but it doesn't exist. On Mink & Stone you can create that piece you're looking for exist with the hundreds of bead choices and then save your designs on the website for other people to buy! ♥
Miisa was very lovely and designed me the beautiful pink and white choker which is actually my favourite and most versatile of the two and I have to thank her for creating such a beautiful piece. I later on designed the second one at home for plainer outfits to add a little statement! I love both these necklaces and worn them a lot over the last few months. The quality is high and they come in their own little bag for safe keeping. I'm really impressed with the jewellery quality and the idea and now I know if I get stuck with a piece of jewellery again - I know where to go!

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