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I was filled with excitement when Just Trade sent me the little Badger necklace I'd spotted and fallen for at Bloggers Love Fashion Week in March! I spotted him next to a rabbit necklace and thought he was so cute and so different to anything I'd seen before.
After having a chat with the lovely ladies who run Just Trade on the day and finding out more about the their business, I was really inspired by them and made sure I checked out their website and found the rest of the cute animal pendants like my badger made from a single Tagua nut from the rainforests in Ecuador, South America. Tagua nuts are also known as vegetable ivory and a widely popular and much better alternative to animal ivory, preventing poaching and the endangerment of ivory bearing animals like elephants and walruses.
This little guy was made by being picked as a Tagua nut that best represented the shape of a badger and being carved into one. He was then painted black before carving out the white details when dry and adding small pins for eyes. Cute no? What I love about this piece is that you can see all the hand carved detailing all over the piece and the effort that has gone into creating it. I love that he has such a unique story to tell when people ask about it too.

Badger Necklace - Just Trade *

Just Trade are a truly inspiring company and I say that because they work very closely with all the people that make the beautiful pieces for them in Peru, Ecuador and India. They also ensure that everything they sell is 100% Fair Trade. Now if that isn't an independent company that care for their people and the world and I don't know who is! I'd definitely recommend reading up on Just Trade and their values on their About Us pages before shopping their beautiful jewellery collections. And what's also great is that in each piece's description box, you can find out all you need to know about each item from where its made and who made it.
I know I'll definitely be buying from them in the future with my eyes set on the diamond pendant and brass ribbon rings first. Will you be visiting the Just Trade website today?

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  1. This little guy is just the cutest! Will definitely be checking out their site Gisforgingers xx