Red Lips Bracelet

At Bloggers Fashion Week a few weeks back, I met a lovely woman called Sam who I spoke to about her brand Iridescence Jewellery. She showed me all her beautiful jewellery and I was lucky enough to receive one of her many beautiful pieces after it caught my eye and I've been wearing it almost everyday ever since!

Red Lips Bracelet* - Iridescence Jewellery

This cute glitzy lips bracelet has been sitting ever so nicely next to my Olivia Burton's watch on days where I need a little more colour in my wrist wear. It's a great piece to brighten  up an outfit, and has often added that nice little bit of colour to a monochrome outfit. I love wearing a red lip with this too to keep the theme going! It's such a pretty bracelet and it's not the only pretty piece I've seen from Iridescence. I'm loving this statement butterfly necklace and this pretty embroidered purse is just beautiful!
The interesting thing about Iridescence is that they are now hiring party consultants to host their own parties and events where they can showcase and sell the jewellery and other accessories on offer. I've seen these sort of parties for Avon, Ann Summers and even Tupperware so it's great to see a fashion related party available now! I think it's a great party idea for fashion lovers of all ages - there's going to be something to suit everyone. To visit the Iridescence shop click here and if you're interested in being a consultant for Iridescence Jewlerry click here to read more about how you can apply!


  1. This bracelet.. Oh, it's so cute!

    1. Thank you! It's a fun addition to my jewellery collection :) xx