My Little Dream Box

Can we admire this beautiful box cover for just one minute before we go into the contents!? I mean... It's just beautiful! The art work is gorgeous and it looks like the box cover of all dreamy box covers. I think I need to display this somewhere in someway. Or use it for something special!
Done awing over the beautiful box? Let's continue...

It seems this month everything is different. Let's say: "dreamy" The magazine is, opening up into an absolutely beautiful poster sharing the usual nail art & hair tutorial, an interview and a little about the products in the box.

After taking these photos I picked up the paper cloud with the quote on and realise I didn't actually read the back. I was really excited to find a link to where you could write an email to yourself that you'll receive in a year. I started really thinking about what I would write and tell myself next year, or even ask myself... I think it's a great idea and I will be definitely sending my future self an email. I can imagine myself next year remembering this and really thinking about what I wrote... I hope it will be a positive and influential thing to happen in my life next year.

I was really intrigued about the next thing I picked up which led me to take photos of this box a lot quicker than I normally would... because I wanted to see what was inside!

Inside this beautiful little cloud packaging (which I felt super bad for cutting open!) was a beautiful little locket from Delphine Pariente that says 'bonne etoile' which translates to 'lucky star'. It's so pretty and delicate and I love the cord it's weaved onto. The words are cute too, and I'm half hoping someone asks me what it means if they don't know french so I can tell them and they can "aww". Definitely a piece I'll enjoy wearing when I need a delicate and simple piece of jewellery.

Next in this little box was the cutest addition to my stationary and I'll be displaying this nicely on my new desk and plastering stamps all over notebooks and all sorts. I've found out what all the french phrases mean as I'm a little rusty and they're all very useful and inspiring! The little stamp is also inspiring and I feel this new stamp set will help me list my hopes and dreams with an injection of creativity! Great for me being a creative soul... I need some inspiration right now to give me a kick of positivity.

Another three beauty products to try and enjoy this month! This month we have a perfume stick, a lip balm and a hair mask. I was really intrigued and excited by this months beauty products because I'd never heard of the brands before at all and they both look pretty good!

Sabe Masson Soft Perfume in Copacabana - Though I only received the box a couple of days ago, I've already used this because the smell is amazing. I adore the "fresh and exotic notes" in this stick of perfume and I can't get enough of it! BUT. I don't feel the smell lasts very long at all. I rolled the perfume over quite a large section of my wrists, neck and decolette and after about half an hour it was gone. I put it on just before I went out, asked my boyfriend if he liked this new scent I put on and both of us couldn't smell it at all. But it probably won't stop me from giving it another go!
Loved By Lou Lessage Lip Balm - French actress Lou Lessage designed this red tinted lip balm with the Loved By team to produce a product she felt was missing in her beauty bag, and of course in everyone elses for that touch of glam along with a soft moisturised lip! I've used the lip balm a couple of times now, and it's actually really lovely. The red tint is nicely pigmented and I quite like the simple packaging, and I'm not worried about a lid popping off. Definitely going to be popping this pot in my bag for frequent future use. 
My Little Beauty Repairing Mask For Dry Ends - I'm still yet to use this balm but I'm really into these at the moment giving myself a hair mask at least once a week. I'm really trying to look after my hair and so with applying heat to my hair quite often I find it important to try and maintain my hair's current health and protect it from any damage from that heat. I'm really looking forward to trying this balm and seeing how I get on with it.

I really enjoyed this months box and though I may say this every month, I think this box is ACTUALLY my favourite. It'll be hard to top this box...!


  1. This is right up my street and I'll be looking into it more. The artwork is beautiful and it really is quite a dreamy box!

    1. It is such a pretty box. I love everything about it and you should definitely look into it - so cheap for what you get! xx

  2. So cute!! And I agree with Kathy -- they should ship to the US! I've always wanted to try a hair mask. Let me know how it worked for you :)