Life Diary | March

This month I:
  • Went away to Hastings and stayed in a lodge with John. We went to a different town everyday and spent evenings in making dinner, watching crap on TV and chilling on the sofa. It was the perfect break away and we enjoyed being well away from reality and it being just us.
  • Discovered Dunkin Donuts about 20 minutes from my town and went all the way there just for doughnuts. Clearly I have a doughnut problem.
  • Spent Mother's Day with my family going to the cinema to watch Home and then having Nandos. I'd like to say it's one of the best mother's days we've given my mum :)
  • Wore a striped jumper from Zara a lot.
  • Went to Bloggers Love Fashion Week with Isabelle from Tainted Blues and got some lovely freebies I'll be keen to blog about.
  • Found the skin care product of my dreams and that it works a bloody charm.
  • Finally renewed my passport!
  • Got a new blog banner made for me thanks to Jaymie O'Callaghan I still haven't blogged about.
  • Cut my hair short!!!!

I hope you like this new set up for my Life Diary posts - that's if you do read these. I'm trying to make it easier to read without having to explain all the details of my month. I always say I do these for me, but of course I like it if other people enjoy them too, and I think the bullet points make it easier and more enjoyable to read. Plus I can link to relevant past posts. people and things withing the point! *cue to begin clicking links* Let me know if you do like this for some feedback I can use in the future :)

So all in all, March has been good to me, and I thank it being so good :) I hope March has treated you well too? And what are you looking forward to in April? I'm looking forward to Easter with the family and to possibly joining a Boogie Bounce class! I suggest googling it - it looks so friggin' awesome.

CAT xo
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  1. Your new haircut looks amazing, I really need mine cut and I'm thinking of going for something shorter. You might just have helped me make the final decision!

    Hunter //


    1. Thank you! I was so worried when I was getting it cut, but I love it and even if I didn't - it always grows back! :D xx

  2. Love the hair! Looks amazing and those doughnuts!! Great post hun xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. The doughnuts were amazing! I want to go back for more... :P xx

  3. You're hair looks so beautiful <3 :) x