100 Aker Wood

Last week, I thought it would be nice to take my younger siblings to the park for the day since I had a mid week day off and I hadn't treated them to something fun in a while. So with Easter holidays it was a good opportunity to and I decided to take them to Aldenham Country Park. There they have a small farm, a play area for kids, a nature walk and Winnie The Pooh's 100 Aker Wood. It's a super dog friendly park too, so we took Dolly out with us too! The 100 Aker Wood is definitely my favourite thing about the park, and Winnie The Pooh was a big part of my childhood so it's always lovely to go to a place where they recreated that childhood friend's home for many to enjoy...

The 100 Aker Wood has a lovely trail set out so you can easily visit each point without missing out any of the featured places. We first visited Eeyore's gloomy place which is probably my favourite. It's a great photo point and Eeyore was always my favourite of the characters.

In the floody place we played 'pooh sticks'. If you don't know what this game is, it's when you pick up a stick of your choice, stand on the Pooh Bridge and let it drop on the opposite side to the way the river is flowing. Once dropped the sticks will race under the bridge to see who's first out the other end! I won a couple of times, but that's because I have practice in picking a good stick to race... Hehe!

We next found ourselves at Christopher Robin's house, and sat for a little while in the sunshine. The little ones really liked the log bench for some reason....

I don't remember Heffalumps back when I first watched Winnie The Pooh, but I do know that they're the little purple elephants in the film (which I think I need to watch to properly 'get'). Were heffalumps in the original Winnie The Pooh stories and TV program?

Unfortunately we didn't get to really sit and admire Rabbit's house with a family sitting ON it, and we didn't get to stand at the North Pole with another family sitting around that. Roo's Sandy Pit was in full use, which was nice to see and it was fully stocked with new sand. We eventually made our way round to Pooh's house! It's cute because kids leave letters for Pooh bear and he's also inside the house! The windows are a little grimey so you can't see inside properly but he is there! I think some of the things inside his house need a picking up and cleaning, and pooh bear needs some straightening up - but it's still nice to see!

Once we were done at the 100 Aker wood we did take a nice woodland walk and the little ones ran around the play area whilst I looked after Dolly who was too excited to be out somewhere new. We had a little picnic too with the weather being do great, and were very lucky to nab a table after realising we forgot a throw for the ground. It was a great day out finished off with ice cream and is still one of my favourite places to go in Hertfordshire for a day out. All this I did for under £20!
Parking is £4.50 and the farm is no longer free, but we didn't visit with it being so busy. And the prices of the food and drinks in the park aren't too bad either, but lots of people take picnics of their own which you can sit and set up anywhere. It was such a lovely day out though, and if you're in the Hertfordshire area, I'd definitely recommend visiting it. I always have a lovely time when I go, and my brother and sister loved it too :) A lovely Easter day out indeed! 

CAT xo
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