What Cat Wore: Minty Bambi

Tee & Skirt - Primark
Fluffy Cardigan - F&F Tesco
Necklace - Market (Portugal)

Ermahgerd. I just loved this outfit I wore out on Sunday. It's just so pretty and comfy and the perfect winter pastel outfit, even though it wasn't cold enough to classify the weather as "wintery". I bought this amazing mint PU skirt back in January and I've only worn the beaut once to the Blogger Swap Shop Party which was in February. Since then I haven't managed to make this skirt work throughout SS14 and that's because I now believe it was made for the winter. I've had both these items for a long time and didn't think of pairing the two. How could I not have thought it before!? As for covering up, a coat or jacket was going to be too much so it just made sense to bring out my fluffy cardigan out for the first time this season.
I played it safe with the black tights and as for footwear I went for my newest dark green pumps which went surprisingly well with this ensemble. I love it!
I did forget to share the bag I was using on Sunday too which is my totally amazeballs doughnut clutch bag, still yet to be featured here. It's my new favourite statement piece! But I don't think this outfit needed a statement piece with all the Bambi & Thumper cuteness going on one of my most favourite and overly worn tees!

CAT xo
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  1. I tried this skirt on as well, but didn't buy it in the end, and you certainly make me regret this!
    It looks amazing on you, and I also love the way you combined it!


  2. What a cute outfit! I have this tshirt as well and this was a really inspiring style for me :D


  3. Ah this outfit :D

    I have the skirt in orange (sounds hideous but it's gorgeous haha!) I didn't know it came in blue too! So lovely :) x