My Little Parisian Box

I've never subscribed to a beauty box, or any monthly box subscription at that. But I've always loved the idea of it, and the idea of a beauty/fashion related one, so when I saw My Little Box, a fashion/beauty box I knew this was the one. And at just under £15 (£11 + £3.95 P&P) it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up!
My Little Box is originally based in Paris, France - but due to their popularity, they've started making these beautiful boxes for us UK gals! My Little Parisian Box I believe is the first box sent out to the UK and after seeing so many blogs about this, I've subscribed myself - mine's come very late since I subscribed late but none the less here it is!

Firstly I have to mention the beautiful packaging. Everything's so much better in a lovely box with a lid that you can re-use at a later date, and then when everything is wrapped up in a cute little bow? That's just showing off ;)
I didn't know what to expect, but I was instantly impressed and I hadn't even pulled out the contents yet!

On the very top of the contents was a cute little inspirational quote, relating to why Paris is always a good idea! I'd have to agree - I've been to Paris about 4-5 times now, and I still think I haven't seen it all. I've been more times when I was too small to appreciate it but the last couple of times were the most memorable. That said, every time I've been, it's been in awe of Paris' beauty & secrets. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dam, the streets, shopping, coffee shops, art and style! It's all my kinda thing! This quote makes me want to go to Paris again even more now.
Underneath that was a set of cute stickers to put anywhere you'd like. I think I'm going to save these for my scrapbook, so that when me and John go to Paris together for the first time and I can document it and already have Parisian related stickers to decorate!

Next I pulled out one of my favourite things in the world - Un Carnet! I love a notebook to doodle on and make good use of, and now I can add this to my collection of empty ready to use notebooks. I love how My Little Box have added a few magazine style pages to start of the book introducing themselves to us new UK customers and letting us know all about them and what they do... It's clever, and I've enjoyed reading all about them. It's also excited me for the next box, which I believe is inspired by Diane Von Furstenburg, fashion designer famous for her wrap dress.

After that, I found beauty products. And yes yes yes, I was excited for this! All wrapped up in the cutest drawstring bag (which I think will be perfect for weekend away toiletries!), were these three lovely miniture beauty bits to try and a little leaflet describing them and what they are and for.
First off we have the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, which I was happy to have since I'm almost out and after reading about it, am intrigued to try. Then we have the My Little Beauty Stylo Lumiere, which is a highlighter pen. I've very interested in this since this is My Little Box's own brand My Little Beauty and I'm also not very acquainted with highlighter pens so it will be a first of this type of product for me. Lastly we have what I think will be my favourite products, and it is the Nuxe Paris Multi-Purpose Oil, for hair, nails, body and face. I recently discovered that I've got quite dry dehyrdated skin, so I'm sure I can easily put this to the test and see what it can really do! All in all, I'm very excited to try all of these products and possibly review them at a later date.

Last of all the goodies in the box, was this really pretty and handy laptop cover! I adore the design on the front of it, and especially as the little dog reminds me of my little Dolly dog. Unfortunately it doesn't fit my current laptop just slightly! But I am very overdue a laptop upgrade so I'm sure I'll get one that will fit in this when I do. For now it will be home to my iPad and other gadgets for safe keepings at home. There is always a use if it isn't for it's primary one!

This box was so much more than I expected! And for the price, you're getting a lot of stuff. I will be 100% honest and did think, omg what if I don't like it once I'd ordered and almost regretted it, contemplating just cancelling the subscription there and then. But I'm glad I didn't once I'd got it! It's such a pretty box and beholds more than just beauty products, which is why I went for it in the first place. I will actually use ALL the things in this box, the notebook, the beauty products, the laptop cover and even those little stickers! I know without a doubt they're all useful to me. And I am just so excited for the next box now. I definitely recommend getting this box, it's all a versatile blogger would love! Go to My Little Box now and get it for yourself! You know it makes sense...


  1. What a gorgeous box, I can't believe you got the Laura Mercier Primer in there, that's amazing xx

  2. This is an amazing box! Everything is so cute :)