Lush Haul

A follow up post? OMG.
Yes, yes, a follow up to the Lush Wishlist! But a little fact - this haul happened before the wishlist, thus the wishlist not containing any of these Lush goodies in it.
I've always loved Lush, but never really tried any of the bath bombs or bubble bars before. But I thought it was about time I popped my Lush bath product cherry and try something new, going for everything all at once! I did two trips too, because I did one mini haul, and later on saw all the Christmas stuff come out and did a second one. It made sense to try the Christmas stuff too now it's coming up to one of my favourite times of year!

As for bubble bars, I went for the all time favourite Comforter which smells exactly like love hearts - I've already tried this and I adore the smell and it just sent me into the best relaxing state! I felt the same about the Brightside bar, which smells just like orange sherbert. I love that they change the colour of the water too, it just adds a little more magic! I also have the Christmas Penguin which I'm super excited to try!
Of bath bombs I bought the Dragon's Egg, So White and Cinders. The Dragon's Egg bomb was pre-bath entertainment. The yellow centre was a perfect surprise and the little flecks of colour popped out giving me a rainbow to bathe in! I'm really excited to try cinders which smells like Christmas, and So White which smells sooooo good. Like apples! I've never had a bath bomb of any sort before so I really enjoyed using Dragon's Egg as my first one.
On top of that I bought the Melting Snowman bath melt, which just looks too cute to melt away in my bath - I think I'm saving this for my first super cold day off where I'll have a wintery pamper sesh. I also bought the Steam Dream tab just because it looked really interesting. Once I post this, I think that's what I'll get up to before heading to bed fresh faced and relaxed.

I noticed whilst shopping for my new Lush bits, I was drawn a lot more to the candy, sweet scents and also fruitier notes. And I've become a real sucker for Lush - didn't someone say there was a lush advent calendar coming out!? I'd there is I'm up for that - and tell me if the rumour is true!
I've discovered a new place in my heart for lush products, and I can't wait to try some more of their bath products in particular - revert back to my wishlist to see what I'm probably popping in my basket next! I know I'm super late on the bandwagon, but if just wasn't quite on it properly before. It doesn't help that it's opposite my workplace too... Literally a stones throw away everyday... Oops! Love you Lush peeps ♥

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