What Cat Wore: Purrell ft. Pets Rock

Sweater * - Pets Rock

I love anything with animals on it so when Pets Rock sent me this jumper I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat! - Ay!? See what I did there!? I love my new Purrell jumper! The hat, the bow tie and the little "happy" badge!? You know who it's supposed to be referencing! How could you not!? And I literally sang Happy all day yesterday - not just because it is my favourite song ever, but also because I was wearing this super fun, and super soft and oh-so cosy jumper that reminded me of that song, of course! Without a doubt my new favourite jumper right now.

Portable Charger * - Pets Rock
I was also even happier when I saw my new social-life saver. This portable charger can fully charge an average phone 4 times, a smart phone twice, and boost a tablet. I'm literally going to be carrying this around with me everywhere because even though my iPhone battery hasn't failed me yet, it eventually will... And it will be 'Cat'-astrophic... But I'll have this kitty printed portable charger to help me out. I've already tried it out and it works amazing! Like I said... Social-life saver!

I'm really liking the products on the Pets Rock website, and think they make awesome gift ideas as well as great pay day treats! They do everything from aprons, pillows and iPhone cases, to t-shirts and flip flops. It's worth a good look - and all their products are printed with cute pet looking somewhat like your favourite celebs! What more could you want? It's all just purrrrrfect!

CAT xo
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