A Day Out at Cadbury World

So yesterday, John and I adventured off to Birmingham to visit Bourneville's Cadbury World! I cannot explain my excitement to be visiting the place where they make the best chocolate everrrrr. We didn't get to take that many photos because you're not allowed to take photos in certain zones, and some zones were so dark and fast moving that my photos either turned out blurry or too dark! It's all very interactive so it's not something you can really document, but more just go and experience! But alas, I thought it would be fun to still share the few photos we took, and tell you about our small adventure!

So when we entered the tour, we were given two full bars of chocolate: Time Out and Wispa, and then you entered the story of where chocolate came from, and how Mr Cadbury himself got to where he is now! It's so interesting to see where it has come from and to how it's got to where it is now, especially for Cadbury! There's a couple of films to watch on your way, and an area where you get to watch how your favourite chocolates are made. I was just so happy to find out how Creme Eggs are made!
We walked through the packaging process, where we got yet another bar of chocolate - Dairy Milk this time. After seeing how they package their chocolate, we entered the room where we'd see the chocolatiers at work and gave us free melted dairy milk with a choice of two toppings! I chose marshmallows and popping candy, and though I felt sick for a little bit after from so much chocolate, it was definitely the highlight of my day! We saw how they make roses in this zone and watched the chocolatiers decorating chocolate pumpkins for Halloween! So much chocolate, and so much talent!

After that we watched entered yet another zone where they were showing a few of the adverts that were televised throughout the years. One of my favourites was the Wispa one featuring a couple of people from Dad's army, and of course the gorilla one... Everyone knows which one that is! (They even had a robot gorilla playing the drums in another room!) There was also an interactive area where you played chocolate related games, like jumping in chocolate puddles and playing with chocolate balls, and growing a cocoa tree. The Cadbury shop was last on the tour, and it was amazing seeing all the Cadbury merchandise and chocolate they had there! We have a Cadbury store near us back home, so we didn't buy much chocolate. I bought a couple of notebooks, one with the Caramel bunny on it, and another with embossed Chuckle beans on it... Does anyone remember the Chuckle Beans!? 'Cause I don't... Whoops!

After the tour, we headed round the back of the factory and visited the Bourneville Experience where we learned a little bit more about the town built around the factory, the history around us and made our own little Cadbury poster advert too. I spent 10 minutes watching the super intelligent machines stacking the packed up chocolate too, and was just amazed by the technology we have today. It's just crazy! Lastly we took the chance to experience the 4D Chocolate Adventure which was a pretty awesome 5 minute film! It's something not to be missed!
We had a really fun day out there, and yeah you feel a little kiddy walking around a chocolate factory, but it was a lot of fun, and something worth doing for a nice casual day out. It was on our list of things to go do, so at least now we can tick that off ♥


  1. I still haven't been but aw it sure does look like you had a lovely time!


  2. I visited here a few years ago and loved it! I'm glad you had a wonderful time too :D

    Style Sunrise☀