A City Break in Barcelona

John and I weren't ever really city break people, but in an attempt to adventure to different places, and see more we had our first city break in Barcelona. We went for three days, which we agreed was exactly enough time to go for and saw so much! We had such a great time seeing all the sights, walking around the city and staying in an amazing room with an amazing view.
We spent the first day exploring our surroundings and enjoying our room. We didn't realised we booked a room with a living area as well as the bedroom, and a stunning bathroom! We were just in awe with the view, being able to see Sagrada Familia from our room, the mountains and the sea... It was just perfect!

The second day we decided was a day  to see all the things we wanted to and started off with the stadium tour, which is the number 1 going tour in Barcelona. We walked there since it was so close to the hotel and had some lunch before getting our tickets. The tour was a lot of fun and it's the first football stadium I've been to, so it was all new to me and it was really nice to experience something that was more within John's interests!

After the stadium tour we went up to Park Guell to see the infamous Park Guell, and I cannot explain how gutted I was when we went to buy tickets and they were 'sold out' of any times close to the time we were there. Apparently tickets are sold in time slots - which I didn't realise, and I feel doesn't suit the spontaneous visitor such as myself. The nearest time slot was 3 hours away, and we didn't have the time to with everything else we wanted to see. You should be a very organised person and book your tickets online to avoid disappointment, but you can still visit the surrounding areas that feature some Gaudi art, but just not the beautiful mosaic lizards and seating area... Once upon a time this park was free to visit... I don't see why it isn't now! It was still a beautiful site and I'm glad to have seen some of the art from a distance. Thank you optical camera zoom!

Though Park Guell was the thing I wanted to see the most, Sagrada Familia was the most amazing building I have ever seen in my lifetime and my most favourite thing to see in Barcelona. The details and architecture is beyond anything I  imagined it to be, and I was just silenced with the amazing sight that it was. From our room you could see this, and again thanks to optical zoom we had some idea of the artistic architecture that we would soon see close up. What amazes me more is that Antonio Gaudi started building the church in 1882 and 132 years later it still stands unfinished. That said, they have carried on building the church with Gaudi's original ideas in mind and is due to finish in 2026... I think I'll have to come back then to see the building finished in all it's glory!

 The Gothic Quarters... The best place to get lost in! But the loveliest place to walk around, with so many beautiful buildings, little shops and restaurants. We had a nice time walking around the quarters on our last day, and enjoying the sights.

There was always something to see in Barcelona, we even found a dragon slide round the corner from our hotel which was hilarious to slide down, and a place that looked like Trafalgar's Square with all the pigeons! Barcelona is honestly one of the prettiest cities I've been to with a lot to see, but I would have to say not a lot to do. Though finding things to see meant we could sit somewhere and enjoy it whilst we were there.

 The two evenings we spent in Barcelona were lovely and relaxing. One night we ate at the harbour and another at the Gothic Quarters. We went back to the hotel on the first night for cocktails in the bar and discovered a new love for Blue Hawaiians!

Overall our little mini break was a great success and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was lovely to get out of the country for a bit and enjoy some quality time together. We did a hell of a lot of walking and we saw a lot in the few days we were there. I didn't want to leave more for the fun we were having together, but with another week off we have some good plans for the coming week... I'm sure you'll hear all about them. Also... if you've made it this far let me know where we should go for our next city break? If Tian Tian the Panda gives birth any time soon, then we'll probably be taking a revisit to Scotland to see the bubba panda and because we loved it so much there as it was, but where else should we go!? Let me know in the comments!

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