My First Blogging Event | #bloggersfestival

Saturday, I was lucky enough to be able to attend #bloggersfestival organised by the lovely and beautiful Scarlett of Scarlett London! There I met lots of lovely bloggers, and had a good chat with some brands about their products and collections. The day was a great success, and I couldn't have been happier to be a part of it.
It all started off with a Strawberry Bellini and a good chat with some bloggers before having a walk around the venue meeting all the wonderful people and brands there. With well over 100 bloggers attending there was never a moment without chatter, and always something going on!

I spent most of my time there with the lovely Isabelle who blogs over at Tainted Blues and Tania from When Tania Talks, and we spoke of beauty products, style and blogging antics whilst enjoying a good drink and some yummy cupcakes! Of course, we also spent a lot of the time talking to the brands, and finding out more about what they were up to this season...


I was really inspired by's new collections for this season. I expected a monochrome trend to emerge and really love the retro shapes and prints inspired by the silver screen. I was also really into their 'enchanted' trend, which bought butterfly prints, feminine detailing such as frills and pleats with embellishment and dark colours, perfect for the autumn season.


Lee Stafford is one of my new favourite hair brands, and adore their Poke Straight Dehumidifier spray. They let me take a sample of one of their new hair oils to try and got my hands on their huge My Big Fat Silky Smoother Brush to try out. I've had a quick try out of the hair oil, and in a few words, I quite like it! But I think I'll  write a little review later on to let you girls know what I thought of it.


I'm very interested in Oriflame, and will admit I'd never heard of them before the event. I was really intrigued with the idea of 24 hour eye liner and their 14 day nail polish! Their products look amazing, and I'm definitely thinking about buying a few of their pieces in the future.


I've always loved Quiz Clothing's range of party dresses available all year round. Their perfect for any formal event, and I was particularly attached to the black and silver embellished maxi dress! It's so beautiful and I just couldn't take my eyes off it! The side split was so GQ Awards red carpet, and I just love the sparkle!


Urban Outfitter's rack up was just spilling with amazing textures and print clashes. I particularly loved a fluffy snood they had on display and the printed jacket shown above. I've always been a fan of Urban Outfitters, and think I'll be having a look at this year's A/W14 collection for some new pieces!


 Who doesn't love nail wraps!? These nail wraps from iZ Beauty Of London were absolutely beautiful. I was particularly into the holographic nail wraps and the ones that were clear with a print.


I had a good chat with the people at Bee Good, who make products using their own produced British honey. I had a lot to talk about with them since my Granddad makes honey himself, so I felt like I could relate to the benefits of local honey. They spoke about not releasing a product until they were happy with all aspects, even down to how it smells, the ingredients list on the packaging and Propolis as an ingredient - a product used in folk times for natural medicinal purposes with many benefits!


I was one of the lucky ladies to have a mini makeover with! I had a lot of fun chatting to the ladies, and talking about dressing for your shape and what suits you best. They dressed me for a date night out in Barcelona, and when we found a dress that not just suited me, but made me feel happy, pretty and comfortable they were kind enough to let me keep it! I did wear it out in the evening in Barcelona and will be doing a outfit post on it later on! They had an amazing range of shoes and products... I wanted it all. Especially that fur gilet which I'd completely fallen for... I still don't know why I didn't buy it there and then!


I was really interested by the products from Cloud Nine, and when I found out they were made by the creators of GHD, I was even more interested! I got my hair styled by the lovely ladies there, and was so happy with the results! I'm really looking into getting their rollers which warm up in 'The O' in a quick 4 seconds! I've always wanted to try rollers, and these just seem like the ones for me. Christmas present please?


Ecco were always a company I walked by, but after seeing their new collection of shoes I don't think I'll walk past them again! The boots I saw at the event were just lovely, and looked so comfortable! I also loved their other brand Minimum which had this amazing textured jumper that I fell for! I remember having a cringy denim dress in this texture - but in jumper form and not denim, this is something I would purchase in a heartbeat!

Overall the afternoon was a great success and I'm so happy to have met so many lovely brands and bloggers. I enjoyed myself so much and can't wait to meet up with some of these bloggers again! We received a bunch of goodie bags too which I was very happy with after having a good rummage through at home. I still have a cookie and a cupcake to eat, and I can't wait to write about some of the products I received. I think my favourite has to be the dress from Want Her Dress and the hair brush too, which I'm dying to try!

I want to say a massive thank you to Scarlett for creating such an amazing event, and I hope you're proud of how it turned out. And I also want to thank Isabelle for inviting me to the event too, as I probably wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for you! ♥ 

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