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I've always loved the smell of Lush as every girl possibly does! But this time, when I walked in I thought I'd treat myself to one of the gift boxes. I don't ever know what to get when I walk into lush, and most of the time just walk out with a face mask and a knot wrap to use as a hair scarf instead of gift wrap...!
This time, I thought the best way to try out some lush products was to buy one of their many themed gift boxes! I'm a sucker for the beach, so the 'Splash' gift box was a winner in my eyes!
In the box I received: Ocean Salt face and body scrub, Whoosh shower jelly, Seanik shampoo bar and Sea Vegetable soap! I bought this about a month ago and used them all already, and here's what I thought of them...

I've been using this face and body scrub mostly on my face, and I have to say it's been great for really reviving my skin, making it feel smooth and soft! It really does it's job but I will admit feels quite coarse on the face but is a great buffer. The combination of sea salt, vodka, limes and grapefruit is an amazing sharp and citrusy scent and if you get it in your mouth when washing it off like I have almost every time is a really sharp taste like you've just drunk a bunch of seawater! Still, it's left amazing results on my face and I'd definitely buy this alone!

This just looks like pure jelly! And the weirdest thing is ripping a chunk off and using it to wash quick in the morning! It's not quick at all... It's slippery and wiggly and it makes no sense to make something like this... But after watching the little video clip on the website I've discovered I've been using it wrong! Picking up the whole thing and using that seems more logical! Either way, the easiest way I found to use it is to rub the jelly into a shower sponge and using that instead! The smell is gorgeous and really feels rejuvenating in the morning. I don't think I'd get this again though... It's too difficult to deal with! Though, I have almost finished this!

I love the smell of sea salt and the idea of having voluminous beach hair that smells like the seaside won me over when getting this gift box! I was demonstrated how to use this by the lovely sales assistant in Lush that day, and I have to say it's probably one of the cleverest things I've seen Lush make! I love that it's a BAR and so easy to use with about 100 washes the woman claimed! I've been using it straight on my hair rather than the way the woman demonstrated to me, just because I have longer hair and like using a little more product! 
This will be my shampoo to mine and John's little adventure to Barcelona! It saves on the liquid limit and lets me have shiny voluminous hair on holiday.

Sea Vegetable
This soap to me just smelt like memories of the many beaches I've been to in my life! I love it, and I'm really sad I'm at the end of this soap bar! I might have to get a new one! I love the pieces of seaweed in it, and really feels lovely on your skin and claims to deal with irritations such as insect bites and sun burn! Well, with sea salt and seaweed being used for natural medicinal reasons, I can see why they claim this! I'll definitely buy another one of these! It's just a lovely soap! Is it weird that I like soaps better than shower gels too? I just find them so much easier and nicer.

I'm looking into getting my next gift box so I can try more things, but before that I really need to get my head around the difference between bath bombs, melts and bubble bars. I think I'll have a read of the catalogue and see. I also want to try more things that are floral scented, and fresh ones too. I think I could swing towards sweet scents but I prefer the others... And I also prefer getting the gift boxes than individual products, because that way I get to try out more things I may not have tried before and I quite like keeping it themed! But I'm wondering now... What gift box or particular products should I try next?

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