August Favourites

August has been a month for loving those staple pieces. And I have really been loving my wardrobe and make-up box staples as well as a few random favourites that aren't able to be photographed... or I may have forgotten to photograph. But let's just get right in to my August favourites...!

Mom jeans. When I first bought them, I regretted the purchase, but now I've worn them a couple more times, I've really started to love them! I can now wear colour to work, so I get to wear these so much more often, and challenge myself in styling them in different ways. An honest favourite and probably my top favourite this month!
Making it's way as a staple piece into my wardrobe are my new winter boots for this year from Miss Selfridge. I adore these so much and though they hurt like hell at first, I've worn them in and I feel really feminine and stylish tottering around in these beauts. They go with everything, so I'm sure these will be making many more appearances on the blog over the coming colder days!
On top of that, some accessories including my rose top knot hair-bands and my 'C' necklace. I remember when the alphabet necklaces came out on Topshop and everyone was like "wow, they're OTT", but it's actually not! It makes a great statement detail to any plain high neck top, or to tuck under a collar. I've also loved wearing this with lower cut tops for a little edge! And as for my top knot hair-bands... For those days you can't be bothered with your hair...They've been morning time savers ♥
On my face, I've been wearing the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer daily! It's really helped brighten up my dark circles and covering blemishes well with a little radiance! I'm always struggling to find a decent concealer, and I'm very much a drug store gal, so this is a winner for me.
As well as that, the cheeks have been glowing with my Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks... I shopped my stash at the beginning of the month to find some new cheek product to swap my usual blusher for and fell for this again. It works well for a shimmer, a bold bronzed cheek or that in between sunkissed look, and I've used it almost every single day!
Topshop Lips have finally made an appearance in my make up box, and I'm really loving these. I have a orange one (Infrared I think) and a purple one (The Damned) and I love swapping them out to match my make up and my outfits for a bold statement lip. I've been wearing Infrared a lot more, but I love them both the same!
Lastly I have my Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, which essentially is a hydrating moisturiser. It feels absolutely amazing on the skin giving a tingly cooling sensation on application and feels so light on the skin... It's like it's not even there after. It has really brightened up my skin and I absolutely love it! I hope it's not a limited edition thing!!

Things that cannot be photographed or were forgotten but are some extra August favourites:
Tiny Tea! Oooooh, so I didn't do very well during my last week on Tiny Tea... I kind of failed it a little bit but for the three weeks I was doing well with it, I saw amazing results! I felt physically more energetic and awake and healthier all round. On top of that, the tea tastes amazing and I can't really drink tea with sugar any more because I don't like the taste! That's a bonus on the health side of things.
Orange Is The New Black. Oh, I'm half way through Season 2 and I'm loving it. It's a crazy TV show and I thank the boyfriend for subscribing to Netflix, because I wouldn't be able to watch it without his Netflix! *Hehe* My favourite non-lead character has to be Taystee! She just makes me laugh lots.
Lastly we have some apps: Sims Freeplay. Obvz for addictiveness and freedom to create dream houses. All my sims have silly names like Barbie and Ken... Action Man.... Lara Croft. They go in the fictional character direction. We have Tiny Wings - because it's so f**king annoying and competitive. And I'm also enjoying recording my sleep with Sleep Cycle. I'm not 100% on if this is quite as accurate as I'd like but I'd say it's pretty much right most nights! Oh and Time Hop... Because it's fun to see what you were doing on this day 1, 2 or 3 years ago.

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