What Cat Wore: Protest

 Tee * - Protest Clothing
Sandals * - Protest Clothing
Shorts - Miss Selfridge
Headband - Topshop

Recently Protest Clothing were lovely enough to gift me with a couple of things from their summer range, and although at first I wasn't too sure whether it would be my style or not, I thought why not... I'm always looking to discover new brands and try out new styles. I was so happy to see this cute and casual orange tee in my package along with the denim strap sandals, because they were my sort of colours and my sort of style.
I'm not much of a casually dressed person these days but sometimes you need a well-dressed casual day, and yesterday was that day, as me and John headed up to some friend's housewarming BBQ. It was hot and I'd only just recovered from a little sunburn two weeks ago so this top was cute and perfect for the ocassion! I wore it with my newet shorts (which were bought for a little extra coverage for the behind!!!) from Miss Selfridge. I love the shorts because of the cute little zip designs on the side and they're really different to most of my other denim shorts too.
I'm not much of a sandal wearer because I dislike my feet quite a lot, but I love these sandals for the design. It's definitely the sort of thing I'd pick up at a shop or online and they are so casual and comfy. They work with anything from dresses, to jeans so I'll be getting a larger amount of wear from them.
Back to the top.... I love the simple embellishment around the neckline and that I can slouch it up a little bit by throwing it off the shoulder. And the orange on orange aztec print at the front I thought was really clever, and cute too. Having red hair, I worried this would clash... But I didn't think it clashed too much, and anyway... who cares!? I loved yesterday's outfit and I love my new pieces from Protest. I'll be honest and say I didn't know them before this post, and I don't think I would have bought from them before but now that I've experienced some of their great quality product and pieces I'd probably shop on their site now! Maybe for my next bikini!

How about checking out the Protest website for yourself? Protest are boardwear focused for both summer and winter sports, but if you like casual and sporty clothing, or beach wear this will definitely be great for you. Great for casual pieces and some of the dresses and accessories are pretty nice too!

CAT xo

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