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I was so excited when the boyfriend text me to say the letterbox cake BakerDays.com kindly sent me had arrived, and was excited to go round the next day to try it with him. I love a good cake, so I was eager to try the letterbox cake I've heard and read all about for myself. The lovely people at Baker Days offered to send me a personalised cake, and I didn't know what to get on it exactly, apart from wanting a picture of me and John on it, so they got creative and sent me the above, in the cute cake tin below with a mini party package too!

The cake initially came in a small white box, and inside the tin protecting the cake inside, a note from Baker Days, some candles, balloons and a party whistle! For what we got, I thought it was really good! And all this for £14.99. I'm especially pleased about the tin, because I can reuse it too!

Now on to the cake...
I didn't know what my cake was going to look like before I'd received it but I was so impressed with what they did with an image and their own creativity! I instantly noticed that they'd used my blog header as inspiration for the design around the cake and I was so impressed by the colouring on the sides and my blog name printed on the cake in my own font too!
I was also very impressed by the photo quality on the cake. The quality is more than what I expected and it's been done so well. It'd definitely make a really nice personalised gift cake, especially for a birthday - a nice surprise to get that morning! There's a million cakes to choose from and it's a little yummier than a card! Take that Clinton's...

As for taste I cheekily asked for a chocolate cake and let's just say the cake disappeared in no time. The cake was exactly as you'd expect from any chocolate cake. It was fresh, moist and really chocolatey! The icing wasn't too sickly either, and I'm not really an icing kind of girl, but I'd eat this icing all day long. The cake serves 3-4 people, but here it served two! It was too yummy to share with anyone else... 10 out of 10 for cake yumminess and present-ability!

I'd definitely buy this cake again, either as a celebratory cake for an event whether it be big or small, or as a gift for someone whatever the ocassion. I think these are best for birthdays reallyl The best thing is, is they have so many designs to choose from, and comes in more sizes than just the little letterbox sized one.  Also being purely delicious helps a bunch! I think next time I'd get the sponge cake though, I'd like to see what that ones like...!
They don't just do generic cakes though... They also do cup cakes which would be great for events,  birthday parties or take home gifts! You can also personalise them too with photos or names... So versatile! I've had a great experience with Baker Days and I'm very impressed with the presentation, cake quality and design quality too. I honestly recommend them to anyone who's looking for a yummy celebration treat!

Have you tried a Baker Days cakes yet? And if not... why not!?

CAT xo

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