I Chose You: Lavender Latte

The other day I was having a browse on Etsy. I don't know how it came about but I searched pikachu, and there it was; A cute little Pikachu hair bow that was oh so cute, for oh so cheap! And instead of just buying it there and then I started browsing the seller, Lavender Latte and discovered even more amazing hair bows!

All Hair Bows - Lavender Latte (Etsy)

Lavender Latte is a little handmade accessory shop on Etsy run by some lovely ladies in Australia. Each adorable little bow costs no more than £4, and they also do other accessories such as phone cases, hair ties, sunglasses and aprons. I'm pretty much obsessed with the shop and know which three I'm getting next (and which pair of sunnies too)! This time I couldn't resist my inner pokémon trainer, and bought the adorable yet simple pikachu bow, along with the cute sausage dogs which was not resisted by my inner animal lover. And last but not least my super-girly side wanted the floral pink and red bow in my life... especially to go with my now red hair.
I love hair bows, and always have done. I used to wear lots during my emo days, when I was trying to be that cool MySpace kid, and the hair bow love always stuck but I never bought into anymore. I thought it was about time I got some more, and I honestly can't wait to wear them all! I feel like I've bought back a personal style trait of mine from the past that I'd lost, and I feel so happy to have it back! You'll be seeing a lot of these bows from now on...

If you want to shop Lavender Latte click the highlighted link! You can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and Instagram too! As well as following me too of course on my links below! ;) *ehem*


  1. Aww these are so adorable, I love the picture one!
    Tiana x

    1. Thanks! They are lovely to wear and so cute! :) x